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How to Paint Sons of Behemat: Gargant Flesh

The Sons of Behemat are finally here! If you are anything like me then you will want to get your Gargants on the table as quickly as possible, but painting large areas of flesh can be a tricky thing. Over the summer I managed to have some practice with some Mancrusher Gargants, and used the same technique to paint my Kraken Eater! Below is what I think is the quickest way of getting these ready for the table while still looking presentable!


I sprayed the Gargant Chaos Black, followed by Grey Seer in the areas where the light would hit the giant, this allowed me to keep the shadowed areas (Such as the inside of the net and the underside of the arms and legs) a darker base colour.

Pre Shading

I further build up this shading effect by using Dryad Bark Air through an airbrush to further build up where the shadows will fall in order to create the illusion of shading on the model while doing it with minimal work! If you don’t have a drybrush then you can use a regular brush here, an airbrush just makes this super quick!

Skin Tones

The next stage is really easy, using an airbrush I just covered all the flesh areas in Kislev Flesh Air. In the photo this looks quite solid, but in reality the paint is very thin and still shows the darker areas from the previous steps giving the model some natural shading. If you don’t have an airbrush I would recommend multiple very thin coats here in order to get the same kind of effect.

Ruddy Face

Now I imagine that Gargants are heavy drinkers, so wanted to give the giants a nice red glow around their face – for this I used Bloodletter Glaze (This is no longer available, but you should be able to create a similar effect using thinned Contrast reds). Here I glazed the nose, under the eyes, his cheeks and his ears. I also glazed the bottom lip to give this some definition.

Cheating with Glazes

I then used glazes to “cheat” and add some definition to the rest of the flesh! For each crease, fold and vein I lined in some bloodletter to give the illusion of some colour just under the skin. Don’t forget the belly button and nipples here!! As speed as the main consideration here I found by painting into the recesses in this way I could get away without highlights on the flesh.

Give him a Wash!

I then went back into the face with some purple and red washes (Druchi Violet works great here!) and built up the eyebrows and beard with Celestra Grey then Ulthuan Grey . A little Blood for the Blood God around the gums gives him some rather nasty looking dental problems!

Bringing it all together

Finally touch up any areas that you have missed again with Kislev Flesh and you have your Mega-Gargant ready to stomp across the Mortal Realms in no time at all!

I hope this helps you with how to paint your Sons of Behemat, and that you get to try it out on your own Mancrushers and Mega-Gargants soon! If you missed it last weekend, we have also done a full review on the Sons of Behemat battletome, so make sure to check it out!

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