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Next Week – Catacombs, House of Iron and Legio Ignatum!

We have a bumper pack of new stuff on Pre Order Next week for Warcry, Necromunda and Adeptus Titanicus! Here’s all the details from Warhammer Community

Warcry: Catacombs is a stunning new core set that allows you to battle in the underground dungeons of Varanthax’s Maw, deep beneath the Skullpike Mountains – get ready for the Warhammer-iest game of ‘the floor is lava’ ever! The ancient, trap-filled dungeons stretch on and on, populated by monsters and blood-hungry savages, so muster your warbands and prepare to venture into the abyssal darkness…

SundayPreview Oct18 Warcry1n

In addition to everything you need to play – including a core rulebook, dice, terrain, and a double-sided, fold-out card gameboard – the set includes two warbands: the Khainite Shadowstalkers and the Scions of the Flame! The Shadowstalkers are soul-bound to Morathi and imbued with incredible powers that make them a threat unlike any other. After all, it’s hard to escape the Shadowstalkers when they can blink between shadows in an instant and command your own reflection to stab you in the back! 

Meanwhile, the Scions of the Flame are Aqshy-obsessed fanatics in service of Archaon, who they believe will scour the Mortal Realms clean in a fiery apocalypse. If Warhammer Age of Sigmar is your jam as well, the box even includes warscrolls for using the new warbands in larger-scale battles too!

SundayPreview Oct18 Warcry2l
SundayPreview Oct18 Warcry3r

Warcry: Catacombs Board Pack

If you want to mix it up by adding some variety to your surroundings, you can also pick up this supplementary board pack which features two more double-sided gameboards to use, each depicting a unique location – the Lair of the Sphiranx, Temple of Nagendra, Cinder Warrens, and the Halls of Velorum.

SundayPreview Oct18 Warcry4z
SundayPreview Oct18 Warcry8w

Warcry Starter Sets

Four other Warhammer Age of Sigmar factions will also be getting Warcry starter sets. These boxes come with everything you need to start a ruthless warband with your favourite faction, from the miniatures themselves to all the Grand Alliance tokens and ability cards you’ll need.

SundayPreview Oct18 Warcry6a
SundayPreview Oct18 Warcry7t

Warcry Carry Case

Carry your warband in style with this red, hardened-foam carry case with the Warcry symbol emblazoned on its side. The Citadel squad foam tray inside can safely store up to 36 miniatures – more than enough to transport a warband or two to their battlefield destination!

SundayPreview Oct18 Warcry5i

We also have some ace new releases for Necromunda on the way including House of Iron and the awesome Gang Stronghold!

House of Iron

It’s time for House Orlock to rise up! Another glorious supplement for Necromunda is on its way – House of Iron. This book focuses on the scions of House Orlock, expanding upon their long history with exciting new lore and introducing thematic rules – including brand-new fighters, wargear, Gang Tactics, and more – that capture the methods they use to control their territory in the underhive. As usual, this book will be available in hardback or ePub format.

SundayPreview Oct18 Content1h
SundayPreview Oct18 Content2d

Orlock Dice and Tactics Cards

If you serve the House of Iron, you can show your allegiance with a set of Orlock dice that bear its mark in place of the 6. Similarly, a set of Gang Tactics cards will make it easy to keep track of the sneaky tricks at your disposal as you battle rival gangs.

SundayPreview Oct18 Content3n
SundayPreview Oct18 Content5k

Orlock Arms Masters and Wreckers

This expansion also comes alongside brand-new models for your Orlock gang, from tooled-up Arms Masters and their accompanying Cyber-Mastiffs to jetpack-wearing Wreckers eager for thrilling vertical plays in the underhive! Check out our rules preview to see how much fun they’ll be to use!

SundayPreview Oct18 Content6t

Zone Mortalis: Gang Stronghold

Home is where the gang is! Protect your hard-won turf with this fully modular terrain kit for Necromunda. Designed to work seamlessly with the Zone Mortalis range, you can either use it to expand your existing collection or create your own bespoke gang HQ that will really show your rivals you mean business. It even comes complete with new rules to help defend your turf!

SundayPreview Oct18 Content7s

And finally we have new releases for Adeptus Titanicus including the rules for Legio Ignatum, the Fire Wasps!

Crucible of Retribution

Prepare to wage war in the Belt of Iron in a new Adeptus Titanicus expansion, Crucible of Retribution. This narrative expansion explores the war for the Belt of Iron and brings a plethora of new scenarios and rules for Adeptus Titanicus players, including the famous Legio Ignatum. This unmissable expansion will be available in hardback and ePub formats.

SundayPreview Oct18 Content8r
SundayPreview Oct18 Content9l

Adeptus Titanicus: Open Engine War Card Pack

Get ready for engine war in no time with this handy pack of cards that enables you to choose or randomly generate your Deployment Map, Primary and Secondary Objectives, as well as any Planetary and Battlefield Effects in a matter of moments. You need never play the same mission twice!

SundayPreview Oct18 Content10z

Finally for 30k players the ace new Deathwing Companions are on the way from Forge World this Friday! I know Jay here on the team is excited about adding these to his collection!

SundayPreview Oct18 FW Content1cs

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