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Today’s Forgeworld Preorders – Fire the Ursus Claw!

It’s Friday and as usual we have a new Forgeworld preorder!  New weapon options for use on your Warhound Titans in games of Adeptus Titanicus – the Ursus Claw and Natrix Shock Lance!



“Made famous by the Legio Audax, the ursus claw is a weapon designed to level the playing field between Warhound Scout Titans and their larger brethren. It fires a projectile that penetrates the leg armour of Battle Titans, allowing them to be toppled, making them easy prey for the nimble Warhounds.”

The new kit can be preordered via the Forgeworld website for £11 and is due for release on the 4th of September.  It contains parts to make either an Ursus Claw or Natrix Shock Lance.

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