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Warhammer 40k 9th Edition Daily – the Skorpekh Destroyer Cult and New 40k Rule Insights!

Every day on Warhammer Live, the Warhammer Community team will be bringing us daily updates about the brand new edition of Warhammer 40k! In today’s 9th edition preview Stu from the studio discussed the new Skorpekh Destroyer Cult for the Necrons!


The Skorpekh cult is a new addition to the Destroyer cults of the Necrons – Where the existing floating Destroyer models are part of the Locust Cult, these new Skorpekh Destroyers have the tactical niche of being very fast and very good in close combat with AP -4 and 3 Damage on their weapons!


These guys are going to be the dedicated Space Marine killers of the Necron force (And they look amazing too!!)

Warhammer Community have some more info on this terrifying new Necron foe over on the website!


Stu also clarified a few details about the new edition of the game. The new rulebook will spell out details that may have previously been ambiguous, for example there is now a reinforcements phase in order to have a clearly defined time during the turn when this happens – this will help keep the ruleset as tight as possible and ensure there is no confusion as to when things happen.

The new Warhammer 40k rulebook will also have a full appendix at the back that will cover any complex situations that may not be covered by the core rules – this again allows the rules to be concise while also covering any unusual instances that may happen occasionally in games – this seems like a great addition to the rulebook!

Stu also confirmed that while modifiers to hit cap at -1 or +1, it is often useful to have have higher modifiers in order to cancel out your opponent’s! So a -2 to hit may be a useful thing to have if your are coming up against someone with a +1 to hit, as this will balance out as a net -1 to hit!

We will be getting a new daily update on Warhammer 40k each day over on Twitch, and we will try and chronicle and breaking news here!

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