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The Big Warhammer 40,000 Preview – What We Want To See: Part 2

On Saturday at 2pm Games Workshop are doing another one of their awesome previews, this time focusing on Warhammer 40,000!

Matt kicked us off yesterday, but now it’s Dave’s turn to pull out his wish list and speculate on what could be announced…

New Warhammer 40k Starter Box

Matt mentions in his post about a new edition of the game, which I agree, could be on the cards.

What I think is more probable is that we will at least have a brand new starter box to get our hands on.

Can you believe that Dark Imperium, the current starter box for 40k, came out on June 17th 2017, 3 whole years ago! The box marked a new era for the game system, and I think many would agree this edition has been the most fun and accessible edition to date.

3 years is about the right time for us to expect a new box, but what could we expect inside?

A potential hint could be with the recent announcement of Pariah, the last Psychic Awakening book we are expecting. In the launch trailer we see the following images:

Could we see a mix of Adepta Sororitas and Space Marines in the new box, which potentially the new radical Lord Inquisitor Kyria Draxus leading them against a force of Necrons led by Illuminor Szeras?

Matt mentions Catachans in his post, with all the new special minis coming out, could they be involved? Cadia is no more, and the Imperial Guard troops need updating, maybe the focus will be on the Jungle Fighters?

Codex Imperial Agents

Fans of our weekly podcast will know I’ve been banging on about wanting some form of Inquisitorial Codex for ages!

With the new Lord Inquisitor inbound, could we finally see a codex that encompasses the elements of the Inquisition? We’ve also had this teaser image on the official Warhammer 40k social media pages:

If I’m really honest, I’m expecting the Inquisitor rules from White Dwarf to be republished in Psychic Awakening Pariah, making a stand-alone codex coming very soon a little unlikely.

I can still hope, however.

A Returning Primarch?

It’s been a little while since we’ve had a Primarch return, so I think it’s about time we had another one!

The Gathering Storm series leading up to 8th edition saw the return of Guilliman for the Ultramarines, and he is still outnumbered 2-1 by Daemon Primarchs.

Who could we potentially see? The Lion of the Dark Angels, currently in stasis in the Rock, is a strong shout. The Khan apparently is still kicking it around the galaxy, so maybe he could take the helm of a new White Scars story arc.

Maybe we’ll see another Daemon Primarch surface? Fulgrim, who has been in the lore recently, is the strongest shout. Angron, leading new Berserker models, is another good bet.

Personally, with my recent hobby craving to build an Imperial Fists army I’d love to see Rogal Dorn return!

Cawl and the Dark Mechanicum

The Dark Mechanicum have been in the lore for a very long time, could a time be nearing where we see them get a Codex all of there own?

Could we even see Belisarius Cawl leading them? Warhammer Community posted an article the other day contemplating what Cawl is really up to!

Ok, so Cawl turning traitor maybe very unlikely (at least right now) but we’ve seen hints at what a Dark Mechanicum army could look like.

New Primaris Marines

The most obvious of choices, so I won’t say much on this.

Matt does a good job in his article, so I’ll once again link it here.

I’d like to see a real close combat unit for Primaris, along the lines of Terminators. Primaris Bikers would also be very awesome.

Bring on the Preview!


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