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Playing Warhammer with the Wife!

I’m sure I’m not alone in saying I’ve missed rolling dice during this lockdown.

My favourite part of the hobby is playing games, and due to social distancing guidelines this cannot take place right now.

A small price to pay, as we all want to stay safe during this challenging time.

One evening I was checking out MiniWargaming’s Vault, and spotted a series of videos with one of the hosts, Dave, teaching his wife Farrah how to play Warhammer.

They are now doing a series of videos with ever escalating forces. You can watch episode one of the campaign on YouTube at this link.

So that got me thinking, could I get my wife, Leanne, to roll some dice with me? I’ve said to her previously that we should try Warhammer Underworlds together, however she wasn’t keen.

Leanne isn’t a geek, and whilst she appreciates how much I’m into the hobby it isn’t something she has wanted to take part in. I asked her however, if she’d be willing to give it a go during lockdown, and knowing I was missing playing games…she said yes!

So on a Saturday afternoon a couple of weeks ago I set up a small battlefield ready for a game of Age of Sigmar. I created two small forces, ignoring the normal army building rules, with both forces having a large monster to control.

I used my Ironjawz, with a Maw Krusha, unit of Brutes, Warchanter and a unit of Gore Gruntas, whilst Leanne used my a Stormcast Eternals, led by a Drakesworn Templar on Stardrake, Knight Incantor, unit of Sequitors and a unit of Evocators.

The scenario was straight forward, capture and control the centre objective on turn 5, which would be when the game would end.

I cut back on some of the rules, but for the most part kept the key ingredients. Before long Leanne was casting magic, I was fluffing rolls with my Maw Crusha in combat and her Evocators were taking apart everything, starting with my poor Gore Gruntas.

In fact, I’ve never seen someone roll so many successful saves. Clearly Leanne was blessed with great dice rolling!

She ended up (just!) coming out on top, her Evocators finishing off my Brutes on the objective, stealing victory at the end of the game!

The Brutes fell in combat against the lethal Evocators!

She enjoyed playing, but admitted it wasn’t for her. I can’t complain, Warhammer, or even tabletop gaming in general, isn’t for all.

I’m very thankful for having an understanding spouse, and very grateful that she at least had a go!

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