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Independent Store Exclusive Catachan Colonel and Webstore Opening Soon!

Some cool news from Games Workshop today! In order to help support independent retailers, Games Workshop are sending them stocks of an exclusive new Catachan Colonel for free!

This is an amazing gesture than means that those stores will get the full price people pay for them, giving stores that may be struggling under lockdown a real shot in the arm!

In the second piece of awesome news today, Games Workshop have announced they are reopening their warehouses and starting to get stock moving again! Existing orders will be dealt with first, and then the webstore will reopen on Friday for new orders!

At the moment this will just be selling existing stock, and things may take a little longer than usual – GW will update once they are able to start producing new stock and new releases

It’s been a touch time during lockdown, but it’s great to see our favourite hobby flowing again!

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