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Saga of the Beast Rumour: Is Ragnar Blackmane Getting a New Mini?

The next book coming for Psychic Awakening is Saga of the Beast, and will pit the Space Wolves against the Orks!

We know a new plastic Ghazghkull is on the way, and with each of the Soace Marine chapters involved so far getting new plastic HQ choices, it’s fair to say we are expecting a Space Wolf character.

So far we’ve seen a mix of new heroes for the Imperial Fists and Dark Angels, and an updated model for the Blood Angels.

The WAAAGGH Studios have spotted a certain character is no longer available in his classic form online.

Is Ragnar Blackmane getting a brand new Primaris scale plastic miniature? Or is this a red herring?

Let us know your thoughts via social media and in the comments


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