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Orruk Warclans: New Battalions Leaked from White Dwarf!


The Orruk Warclans (a Warhammer Age of Sigmar army), or more specifically the Ironjawz (to be even MORE specific the Ironsunz clan) are getting brand new battalions. Thanks to Facebook we’ve spotted these out in the wild before their release in next months White Dwarf magazine.

The Ironsunz are one of three Ironjawz clans you can dedicate your angry Orruks too and were first seen in the Generals Handbook.

Dakkbad’s Back!

Dakkbad (a generic Megaboss on Mawkrusha) is back with new battalions. These are exclusive to Ironsunz.

That second image shows the points costs of the battalions.

The super battalion is impossible to take in a 2k game, but the others are viable.

They don’t at first glance seem amazing, and Da Bossfist is expensive as well as needing two Megabosses on foot as well as a Mawkrusha, but I still think it’s viable and may make for some interesting lists!

Let us know what you think via social media or in the comments!

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