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Warhammer 366 – Week 6

It’s the 6th Week of my challenge to do some Warhammer every single day for an entire year (And it’s a leap year too!)

This week has been all about building models, but I’ve managed to sneak in some painting too! First of all we will catch up with what I did after the last update…

Day 36 (again..)



A pile of Mortal Realms goodies turned up today along with Belakor!


I also managed to get some base colours down on my Legio Ignatum Adeptus Titanicus force! Looking forward to adding to these guys with the new Titans coming this weekend!




Day 37


Today was podcast night, and we checked out the new Matched Play Guide for the Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game! Listen below!



Day 38


Today I gave Dave a hand by giving his Kharadrons a blast with the airbrush! The Fang spray is now discontinued, but luckily it still exists in the Citadel Air range! Keep an eye on twitter for his progress!

Day 39



Today’s first project was getting Belakor together – yes he’s a little small, but it’s still an amazing model and well worth picking up… especially with this book!


It’s a fantastic read, if you haven’t checked it out yet then make sure to read out review of Wrath of the Everchosen here!


Day 40

Aether War is a cool box, and we popped up a video with it’s awesome contents!


With this video up I decided to dig into the contents and build up the Tzeentch stuff!


They are really cool models! Will be trying to build a screamer and disk heavy force soon!



Day 41




With a Blood Bowl league kicking off soon I decided to build some more players for my Gobbos!

Oh, I possibly picked up a Golden Ticket too…


Day 42

And today the Purple Sparkly Unicorns Blood Bowl League kicked off! It was a bloody match with lots of injuries but ended in a 1-1 draw against Craig’s Dark Elves



Day 43


And on the note of The Unicorns, they have a 40k event coming up next month, and decided if I can get them done I’ll take my Sisters of Battle! So today decided to build up some Mortifiers!


Check back next week for another 7 days of Hobby goodness!

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