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Warhammer 366 – Week 5

Another week of hobby has done past like a flash! It feels like I haven’t got many models painted, but I have managed to complete one of my favourite models in the Sisters of Battle range!

Day 30


Today was Thursday, and that means Podcast night! We really enjoy doing the podcast, so hope you are too! This week we talked about how we got on at the Purple Sparkly Unicorn Age of Sigmar tournament – Archaon may have been killed by Ceri’s grot…


Day 31


Today I got the airbrush out and started blocking in some base colours of The Triumph of Saint Katherine!



It really is an amazing model, and most of this week was taken up by it…

Day 32

Today tickets to the Warhammer 40,000 Throne of Skulls Doubles went on sale!


These are always super popular events, and the tickets tend to sell out really quickly (They are now sold out, but there is a wait list in place!)

I wanted to do more different events this year, and have never actually done a 40k event at Warhammer World before, so thought this would be a great way to tick it off the list! Giving friend of the site (And Purple Sparkly Unicorn) Andy a shout, we decided we were going to team up and take the fight together!


Today was also the release of the Middle-Earth Matched Play Guide! Check out our review here!

Day 33

Sunday is the perfect day for Warhammer Underworlds!


In the morning I had the epic task of sorting through my collection, sorting the cards and making this chaos slightly less, um, chaotic!



Later that night we got together for a 4 player game, which was great fun! I was using the Flesh Eater Courts and had a brilliant time dashing around Beastgrave getting up to all sorts of mischief!

We are all looking forward to the new warbands this weekend, which were promptly ordered after the battle!

Day 34


Today was back to The Triumph of Saint Katherine! With the base colours down, it was back to the paintbrushes to stat working on the detail!



It’s at about this point I realised that maybe doing the big centre piece as my tester model wasn’t maybe my greatest idea, but we live and learn!


Day 35


Today started out doing all the tiny script on the scrolls and banners!


A couple of hours later and The Triumph of Saint Katherine was finally complete! I am going to be playing the Argent Shroud – so Silver armour and red robes was what I had in mind, with definite Spanish Inquisition influences! Really happy with how this turned out and really excited for painting the rest of the army!













Day 36

And that brings us on to today! Mortal Realms Magazine issues 1 and 2 have arrived from our subscription, so no doubt you will see that on YouTube soon! Also with the upcoming Adeptus Titanicus love coming this weekend, I have decided to get my maniple painted! Pictures soon!

Thanks again for joining me on my week of Warhammer, and we will see you next week!

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