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Psychic Awakening: Engine War – New Adeptus Mechanicus units revealed!

At the Las Vegas Open, Games Workshop revealed one of the upcoming Psychic Awakening books is Engine War and will be all about the Adeptus Mechanicus – and they have a few new toys in it…

First up we have two new cavalry units, the Serberys Sulphurhounds and the Serberys Raiders – these guys look amazing and give the Adeptus Mechanicus a fast cavalry choice to bolster their numbers!

But that’s not all!

What about some flying infantry?

These guys are the Pteraxii – awesome looking drop troops who are also in a duel kit!

These guys will be landing alongside the already revealed Arcaeoptor in Psychic Awakening: Engine War!


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  1. (LVO 2020 40k Champion’s) properly the (TAU) will take the Package this year.Unless if someone? really knows how to use the (Psychic Awakening).(K-os) and (Blood angels) should also do well, but all the same Thank you.


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