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The Jade Paladins: The Defence of Praelax by Ben Bailey

Creating your own Space Marine successor chapter is cool. What’s really cool is writing some lore for them in the form of a novella!

This is what hobby daemon and famously terrible dice roller Ben Bailey has done with the first chapter of his tale chronicling his Imperial Fists successor chapter The Jade Paladins! Check it out at the link below!


The Jade Paladins: Chapter 1


All three members of Sprues and Brews have been fortunate to play against Ben’s Jade Paladins. and it’s safe to say he gave us all a battering! His army looks gorgeous, so it’s been great fun to read about them in his story so far!


If you want to see his hobby happenings as he works on the army, or want to read the other chapters of the story as it comes out make sure to follow him on twitter @TheOneBenBailey

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