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Age of Sigmar Mortal Realms Magazine Premium Subscription Includes Abhorrant Archregent! We work out the value for money!

Warhammer Age of Sigmar Mortal Realms Magazine is now out! And the Mortal Realms website has shared info on what you get in the premium subscription option! Most excitingly it includes the Flesh Eater Courts Abhorrant Archregent previously exlusive to Carrion Empire!

So how does it work? Well, you pay an extra £2 per issue in order to receive 4 packages along the course of the magazine run – as issue 1 is free to subscribers this works out as £158 over the life of the series. You will get these on your 5th, 8th, 13th and 18th delivery.

So is it worth it? let’s take a look! You get a small force for each Grand Alliance in Age of Sigmar!

Premium Issue 1 – Flesh Eater Courts


3 Crypt Flayers – £30

20 Crypt Ghouls – £25

Abhorrant Archregent – £25? (Or silly money on eBay – as of now around £50)

Athonian Camoshade – £4.75

Total value – £84.75

We are off to a good start with a bundle worth over half the premium subscription cost – arguably more because the character is going for so much on eBay!


Premium Issue 2 – Sylvaneth



Drycha – £35

5 Spite-Revenants – £25

Branch Wych – £15

4 paints – £11

Total Value – £ 86

Another excellent package, and at this point you have certainly got your money’s worth on the premium subscription!


Premium Issue 3 – Orruk Warclans


5 Brutes – £30

Megaboss – £24

Weirdnob Shaman – £20

Yriel Yellow – £2.75

Total Value – £76.75

Again, another cracking package with some nice chunky Orruks to paint up!


Premium Issue 4 – Blades of Khorne


10 Blood Warriors – £37.50

5 Flesh Hounds – £30

Bloodmaster – £17.50

Total Value – £85

The final set is a brilliant start to a Khorne army, and again over £80 of value!


So let’s break down what you get for your money

Premium Issue 1: £84.75

Premium Issue 2: £86

Premium Issue 3: £76.75

Premium Issue 4: £85

Total Value: £332.50

Total saving – £174.50


Wow, that’s a great saving on all those miniatures! So is it worth it? Well, that’s up to if you would buy those miniatures anyway. If you have all these armies then you are getting all the kits and paints for less than half price, which is a bargain!

If you are new to the hobby and want to collect and paint a selection of different miniatures from different armies then I would also recommend the extra £2 and issue in order to get all these goodies.

Your millage may vary, but I think it’s a very good price for an absolute stack of miniatures, plus spreading the cost over the issues makes it a little easier for the wallet to swallow.

If you want to start collecting Mortal Realms magazine then head over to the website to subscribe – keep in mind if you want to do a premium subscription you can only do so until issue 5 of the series

We will be subscribing to this and sharing what we get on the site and on so stay tuned!

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