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Next week: Gotrek and Warcry!

It’s another Age of Sigmar week coming up with Gotrek up for pre order alongside a load of goodies for Warcry including the first expansion for the game! Here’s all the details from Warhammer Community!

It’s a big week in the Mortal Realms with the return of one of the greatest heroes from the world-that-was, while Warcry gets new rules and models as monsters and mercenaries answer the call to war in the Varanspire.

Gotrek’s alive! Last seen fighting seemingly insurmountable odds at the northern polar warp gate in the world-that-was, he’s now in the Mortal Realms, and looking for new things to slay… or die trying.

Armed with the legendary Fyreslayer axe Zangrom-Thraz, he’s deadlier than ever – even the mightiest Heroes of the Mortal Realms are little more than fodder for Gotrek.

This absolutely stunning model will make a great centrepiece in any Order army or an excellent addition to your collection, especially if you’re a fan of Gotrek Gurnisson’s Black Library stories. Speaking of which, a new Gotrek novel is also going to be available next week – in Ghoulslayer everyone’s favourite Duardin goes looking for Nagash. You’ll also be able to get the complete script for David Guymer’s Realmslayer and a new audio drama Realmslayer: Blood of the Old World. And yes, Brian Blessed is back as Gotrek!

Monsters & Mercenaries is the first expansion for Warcry and it brings a whole host of new rules to the skirmish game. Your warbands can go on epic quests to claim glory and honour, or they can challenge some of the most dangerous creatures in the Mortal Realms to battle. How will your warriors deal with a War Hydra or Terrorgheist?* If you manage to best one of these creatures, you can add it to your warband – that’s bound to catch the eye of Archaon!

One of the monsters that you can attempt to bind to your dark will is the Chimera. Fighting this three-headed beast will make going up against other warbands seem like a doddle. But if you can housetrain one, your opponents are going to have a rough time.** This terrifying creature has been re-packed to come with all of the rules cards that you need to use it in games of Warcry.

The book also includes rules for adding powerful mercenary heroes and champions to your warband. Fancy adding a Tzaangor Shaman to your Cypher Lords? How about a Megaboss to go with your Ironjawz warband? With this new expansion, you can!

Monsters & Mercenaries is perfect for taking your clashes in the lands of the Eightpoints to the next level.

Looking for a new battlefield to fight over, across and around? Look no further than the Defiled Ruins kit. Not only does this provide new options for scenery set up, but it can also be combined with the pieces in the Warcry Starter Set to give even more choices.

The Iron Golem and the Untamed Beasts, the two warbands from the Warcry Starter Set, will soon be available separately. This means it’s the ideal time to either start one of these brutal warbands or add to an existing one.***

The Chaotic Beasts are also getting their own release. So if you want to invade your games with additional Furies and Raptoryx, or add extra Thralls to your warbands, here’s your chance.**** Furies and Raptoryx also make great additions to your Chaos armies in Warhammer Age of Sigmar.

Everything here will be available to pre-order from next Saturday! Make sure that you check back throughout the week, as we’ll be taking a closer look at both Gotrek and Warcry: Monsters & Mercenaries. And sign up to our newsletter to stay up to date with everything that happens in the Mortal Realms

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