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Podcast: Age of Unicorns

My apologies! This podcast went live on Friday, but I completely forgot to post its release here! Oppppsss!!

We have a special guest this week, with Chief Unicorn Craig joining us from the Purple Sparkly Unicorns. 

Fresh from a two day Age of Sigmar Tournament hosted by the Purple Sparkly Unicorns, the team discuss how they got on with their armies!

As everyone prepares to go on their summer holidays, we decided to choose our Top 3 Places we’d like to go on holiday in the universes of Warhammer. We read out the community choices towards the end of the show.

Finally we have plenty of news to get through and our latest hobby updates.

As always feel free to get in touch via Twitter, @SpruesandBrews or via 

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  1. My top 3 ideas for Warhammer TV shows:

    Gotrek. The audio book realmslayer was great and it would be amazing if we could get Brian Blessed voicing Gotrek in a TV show as well.

    The Ynnari could be a short series of epic episodes showing the major events they have been involved.

    Speed Waaagh! road trip with Wazdakka,probably a Saturday morning cartoon.


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