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Tournament Ready: Dave’s Celestial Vindicators

In this collection of articles Dave, Matt and Jay will be posting about our armies that we are taking to this weekend’s Throne of Skulls Doubles Weekend at Warhammer World.

Since the turn of the year I’ve been building and painting an army hailing from Azyr. The mighty Stormcast Eternals!

They’ve come a long way since the launch of Age of Sigmar. In fact I had a small army of them when the system launched. But now, years later, with more painting practice under my belt I’m really pleased with my host as it currently stands.

I decided to go for a Celestial Vindicators stormhost. Not only do I really like the ‘blue’ colour of the armour, but also their special rules, including being able to re-roll 1s to hit on the charge! (#chargeeverything)

In gameplay terms, they are quite a solid force, aside from my constant failed charges (as listeners of the podcast will know!).

For the Doubles this weekend I needed to have 1,000pts of them painted. After quite a few trial games I settled on the list your about to see.

Gavros Heavensoul

Lord-Arcanium on Gryph Charger

So that I can take Sequitors as battleline this guy was an auto include as my general. With a number of support abilities, he’s also no slouch in combat.

The ‘Ride the Winds’ ability also gives me an option should I need to make a dash for an objective late in the game, giving me a 6D6 move!

I’ve given him the Single-Minded Fury command trait, Savage Loyalty mount trait and Celestial Blades spell.

Orax Hawkheart


This could potentially be my favourite painted mini. I never used to like painting, however now I find it really enjoyable, and I’m super proud of how this guy turned out.

He’s in the force for two reasons. As mentioned earlier in this post I’m known for failing charges, especially with my Evocators, so having a re-roll charge bubble is super handy. He also allows me to teleport a unit once per battle, again perfect for capturing objectives.

As I don’t have a battalion I’m limited to just the one artefact, which as I play as Vindicators it needed to be the Stormrage Blade. I’ve given that to this guy, as I don’t want either of my two other characters being -1 to their save, even though they’d have probably benefited more from the extra two attacks.

Tornia Aetherstrike


For 100pts, Tornia gives me a bit of an assassin. Lots of attacks on her profile, which could be further boosted if I use the Celestial Vindicators command ability to add an extra attack into the mix.

She may only deal one damage, but I’m hoping with her being slightly quicker than my other Stormcast units on foot, and being able to ‘Ride the Winds’ with my general she could be handy on hero capturing objective specific missions.


Battleline thanks to my Lord-Arcanium, these have in past battles really done me proud. Being able to either re-roll hits or saves in combat, depending on what I channel means these can adapt to whatever they are in combat with.


Yeah OK, so some may overlook these now that we have Sequitors, but I still have some love for the classic Liberators.

They can take a few hits, and are perfect for holding objectives. They may not be able to hit and wound as accurately as the Sequitors, however they are slightly cheaper in points.


These are just awesome. I love the models, I love the rules, quite frankly they are an auto include in any of my Stormcast lists.

They frequently do well, only being let down by the number of failed charges I roll for them!

These models were built and painted from the Nightvault warband and Soul Wars, however I’m tempted to buy an actual box of Evocators, as some of the poses and additional bits look ace. Unit of 10 in the future maybe?!

Celestar Ballista

I only have the one in this list, however my 2k list has two, with a Lord-Ordinator and the Hailstorm Battery battalion from the Stormcast Battletome, meaning these hit accurately and hard.

With me only have the one in 1k I’m not sure how it’ll do really, however it does give me some range firepower, and if I roll for enough hits it could yet do a heck of a lot of damage.

And that’s it! 1,000 points of Stormcast Eternals ready for war!

Stay tuned for Matt and Jay’s armies!

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