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Shadowspear: Greater Possessed Reveled!

Today over on Warhammer Community they have posted some background on the Master of Possession, aka Vorash Soulflayer, Lord of the Daemonkin

As you work your way through his lore, which is well worth a read, the writer of the post then starts talking about rewarding certain followers with greater transformations.

Introducing, the Greater Possessed!

Woah! This guy looks amazing! Will he be used to lead units of Possessed? Will we have a new unit made up of just Greater Possessed?

With all this talk about Daemonkin, fellow Brewer Matt is wondering if we aren’t about to see a Codex Black Legion, that we have been rumouring over on our podcast, but instead could be getting a Codex Daemonkin? Or will we just see Possessed, Obliterators and the like getting a ‘Daemonkin’ keyword?

Either way, we should hopefully know more in a mere 5 days time, when the Vigilus countdown ends.

Get on board the hype train!

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