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Tamurkhan’s Horde VS Legion of Sacrament – Warhammer Age of Sigmar Battle Report!

We are back with another Battle Report! And this time with our first Age of Sigmar one! Matt’s Tamurkhan’s Horde takes on Dave’s Legion of Sacrament in a 1500 point Starstrike mission!

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  1. Hey guys, now I’m all cought up with the podcast I thought it was about time I started responding to the alerts I get on my WordPress reader. We really value comments on out site so I like to give back to the other people that bother!

    I know I’ve already been in touch with you guys on Twitter but I just wanted to reiterate that I really enjoyed this battle report. It’s really clear and helpful to me, someone who has never played AoS. So it’s really getting me in the mood for starting to collect some of the models from the range and see if I cant get some games in with some people from Twitter.

    I know your models look great because I’ve seen some of then on Twitter but your scenery and gaming tables look fantastic too, pretty inspiring, I’m trying to make a push with ours this year.

    Looking forward to more battle reports and the next podcast!


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