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New Lord of the Rings Minis for Gondor at War!

We mentioned a couple of podcasts ago that the expansion for the Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game, Gondor at War, was going to have new profiles for models we hadn’t seen.

Well, Warhammer Community have lifted the lid on new minis that are coming soon, and have rules on the book!

First of all we have Dernhelm, which readers of the books will know is the guise of Eoywn, when she sneaks into the ranks of the Rohirrim to take part in the battle for Pelennor Fields. The mini can be built with or without Merry as a passenger, of whom you can use his Might to boast Dernhelm’s rolls!

Like the recent released Gandalf and Pippin the set will include both minis on foot, just incase your enemy takes out your mount.

I think you’ll agree, they look awesome!

Those who prefer their minis more Evil will be pleased to hear they too have reinforcements. Goroth, Captain of the Morannon, and Zagdûsh, Orc Captain, are joining the ranks of the Orcs!

Both very capable fighters, they also feature a special rule each:

These minis will be released in the ‘coming months’.

For further details you can check out the Warhammer Community article here.

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