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New Year Open Day Bonanza!

Here we are again, in the fabled Warhammer World for the first of the years Open Day!

We’ve paused for dinner in Bugmans, so here is a a very quick Open Day post!

Their is A LOT to cover, so I’m going to try my very best. Simply put there’s almost something for everyone.


Genestealer Cultists

New characters for the Cultists, and a scenery piece too! This is turning into an absolutely fantastic release.

Blackstone Fortress Expansion

The first expansion for Blackstone introduces a new monster, the Ambull. Whilst we cannot conform it looks as though a new hero is also with the set, potentially a Tech Priest.

Necromunda Ambot

He’s rules have been available for a little while, however we’ve now got shots of the mini! Also a new character.

Urban Conquest

Teased at the Vigilus Open Day, we’ve now seen Urban Conquest, a new Warhammer 40,000 card based campaign system. Using a large sheet with card pockets it supports up to 4 players. As you progress through the campaign each player can unlock unique stratagems which are placed next to your character card on the sheet.

You battle to take control of key areas, some of which have unique battle plans found in the Urban Conquest book. For other battles the book includes a chart to randomly generate the battle plan, mixing Open War, Maelstrom and Eternal War missions. It’s a very flexible system allowing you to take full advantage of Vigilus Defiant, Chapter Approved 2018 and of course the Conquest book.

Really like the idea of earning and using new strategyms made for the campaign system. You earn a CP equivalent that can be used only on these cards.

Kill Team Arena

New Kill Team expansion incoming which works on an arena format. Fast paced combat! Two new Kill Team boxes, one for the Genestealer Cultists which include the three armed gunslinger and a brand new Adeptus Mechanicus Tech Priest!

Gloomspite Gitz

They are up for preorder today, and we’ve got a lot of pictures of these guys!

Skaven Vs Flesh Eater Courts

A new box for Age of Sigmar is coming, pitting the Skaven (Clan Skyre) against the Flesh Eater Courts! Warhammer Community have promised more updates for these armies soon.

For now, enjoy the two new characters that will be released in the boxed game.

Darkoath Warband for Nightvault

Looking forward to the Darkoath Warband for Nightvault? Images below!

Adeptus Titanicus: Titandeath

New expansion book with transfers coming very soon, featuring scenarios, Legion/campaign rules. A new Reaver variant was also on display featuring turbo laser carapace mount, Melta weapon and chainfist.

Blood Bowl

New star players for the Goblins! And Nurgle’s Rotspawn seen for the first time!

Middle Earth: Gondor at War

The new expansion for Gondor of War is here, featuring legendary army rules and new missions. It’ll also include 15 new army profiles! Not only that, but we are getting the Three Hunters in Plastic, with a priority coin included! Dice will also be available!

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