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Next Week’s Pre Orders – Beasts of Legend

Warhammer Community have revealed the details of what is coming up for pre order on Saturday, and if you are a Beasts of Chaos player you are going to want to check this one out!

Loads of classic and hard to find models such as Pestigors, Khorngors and even the Limited Edition Battleforce Standard Bearer are coming back in Made to Order form!

If you want to get them you have just one week to order them, so make sure you dont miss out!

All these models will also be getting new rules (For open play only sadly) – so there’s no excuse not to treat yourself to these timeless kits!

Here are all the details from Warhammer Community!

Good news, Beasts of Chaos fans – there’s another set of Made to Order models on the way for your collection. Having given you the chance to own some legendary heroes of yore a few weeks ago, you’ve now got yet another shot at owning some incredible models from Warhammer’s past –iconic miniatures and legendary characters that deserve a place in your collection. You’ll have to hurry, though – you’ll only have one week from Saturday 17th of November to order them.

First up, we’ve got two of the most infamous despoilers of the Old World –brutal Beastlord Gorthor, and Ghorros Warhoof – a Centigor that claims to have fathered most of his unruly kind.

This wave of Made to Order features some incredibly rare Beasts of Chaos models from years past, including the Wargor Standard Bearer. Previously only available as part of a larger battleforce, this model is highly collectable – don’t miss your chance to own it for yourself.

As well as heroes, this wave of Made to Order features some iconic rank-and-file infantry from the past, including the Pestgiors and Khorngors. These magnificent sculpts fit right in among the more recent Beasts of Chaos models and are an excellent way to represent Bestigors in god-marked battalions from the latest battletome.

Finally, we’re bringing back the old metal Warhounds! These classic miniatures look great alongside their plastic brethren and give you some dynamic poses.

New Legends Arise

That’s not all! As well as returning these models from the mists of time, we’re giving you all new rules to play them with, allowing you to field a Beasts of Chaos army from the world-that-was in narrative and open play. Designed to provide a permanent home for the rules for the Beasts of Chaos armies of the past, these are great for relieving your favourite battles from the past.

The Warhammer Legends: Beastmen PDF will be available as a free download next week when this wave of Made to Order models becomes available – stay posted by following the Warhammer Age of Sigmar Facebook page.

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