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Blackstone Fortress: UR-025 40k Rules Leak & Background!

Man, are we excited for Blackstone Fortress over here at Sprues & Brews. You can hear for yourself on our latest podcast!

Now, the character I already have my eye on playing in this latest Warhammer Quest is UR-025, an awesome looking Imperial Robot from ages past.

Well, spotted earlier on Twitter, we’ve now seen a bit of his background:

This is no normally robot. This guy maybe pretty ancient, but he knows what he’s after, and he’s happy others think he’s just an automated machine working for the Imperium.

What’s even more exciting, is that his rules have been leaked for use in 40k. Whilst his rules aren’t really impressive, check out those faction keywords…

Robotica Imperialis?! Could we one day see an ancient robot Imperium army?

For now fellow Brewer Matt he believes this guy will make it into a future Imperial Agents codex to be used in any Imperium army.

What do you guys think? Are you as excited for this boxed game as us? Let us know via social media!


  1. I’ll eventually cave in and get a Warhammer Quest, but maybe not this one. Still, that is one great mini and I’d love to repurpose it for something else.


  2. The only armies as an expansion to the current setting that wouldn’t break the story line are the men of iron and old ones Imho. I would like to see an army of robots(not mecha like the tau) actually more similar to a leviathan kastellan hybrid going into full melee with an IK.


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