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Darkoath, Unalligned and the Realm of Chaos – What we would like to see in a new Battletome

Over the last week we have had a couple of teasers that could point to a new Chaos Battletome, but what could it contain? In this article I’m going to discuss a few of the things I would like to see in a new book!

Realm of Chaos


Back when I started playing Warhammer, one of the first books I picked up was the old Realm of Chaos. This came in a big box with not only the army book, but also spells, tokens and templates. With the latest edition of Age of Sigmar we have seen a return of sorts to this kind of expansion with the endless spells (essentially fancy templates) and stat and spell cards. Imagine a big “malign sorcery” style box for the ruinous powers! I’m sure that would delight fellow heretics like myself!



In the very same book, Chaos had the option of taking units from the entire range of Chaos worshipers – from Chaos Warriors (Now known as Slaves to Darkness), Chaos Daemons, Monsters and Beastman! I would love to see all these units marching under the same banner again with no limitations based on keyword – perhaps one way we will see this is if all the unalligned chaos units end up together in one book, we have a book for Khorne, Nurgle and Tzeentch, so would be good to have everything except Slaanesh and Skaven all together to mix and match for the ultimate chaos faction (I imagine we will see Slaanesh sooner rather than later, and it would surprise me in Skaven get a big book of their own!)

Being able to take Beastman alongside Warriors of chaos without penalty would allow for a huge range of options, perhaps with addition benefits to those who specialise in a faction in the same way as the 40k Daemons Codex.

Chaos Dwarfs


Something else I would love to see is a return of Chaos Dwarfs outside of Forge World. The Legion of Azghor is a brilliant range, but I would love to see what Games Workshop can do with their modern plastic kits and digital sculpting.

The Bull spell seen at Warhammer Fest seems to have a Chaos Dwarf vibe (though you could argue this as Beastmen or even Darkoath chaos) but even if all we get is a new plastic Hellcannon I’m sure chaos fans everywhere would be making offerings to the dark gods!

New Marauders

All of the Harbingers seen during the Malign Portents event seem to be pointing towards the initial Age of Sigmar 2nd Edition releases. We have already seen Stormcast and Nighthaunt, and lots of Rumour Engines seem to be very Grot like, personally I would love to see more chaos kits in the style of the Darkoath Warqueen to replace the old Maraurders who are starting to show their age a little compared to new kits! If we are getting a Darkoath book it would be nice to see bands of various chaos factions united together under one banner (Archaon perhaps?)

So that’s a few quick thoughts on what we would like to see in a new Chaos Battletome, please let us know what you would like to see and if you have any ideas based on what we have seen so far!


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