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Next Weeks Pre Order: The Lord Of The Rings The Battle of Pelennor Fields

Next week a load of great stuff is coming alongside The Battle Of Pelennor Fields boxed game! Check out the news here from Warhammer Community

Adam Troke: When the project to relaunch the Strategy Battle Game got underway, we knew early on that we wanted a starter boxed set that would give newcomers to the hobby, and seasoned veterans alike, something to sink their teeth into. The Battle of Pelennor Fields boxed set is just that, loaded with 84 plastic miniatures, including the brand-new Théoden, King of Rohan, and the mighty Witch-king on his Fell Beast to oppose him.

After levering open the glorious box cover (complete with the noble Théoden and foul Witch-king… and Minas Tirith merrily ablaze in the background), you are greeted by a veritable Dragon’s hoard of plastic frames. Carefully lift the frames aside, and there’s a sturdy piece of card protecting your Rules Manual and other bits from impalement… and doubling as your assembly guide. Delve beneath that and you’ll find the 208-page hardback Rules Manual for the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game, a 16-page Scenarios and Profiles booklet, dice, measurers and tokens. Oh, and bases for all your models.

The Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game is one of Good vs Evil, and you’ll see that portrayed in this starter set. The heroic forces of Good are represented by the muster of Rohan and the Army of the Dead. First of all, there is the glorious new plastic Théoden, King of Rohan. This stunning character model (on foot and mounted on Snowmane) is the first new plastic model for The Lord of the Rings™ in nearly a decade.

Alongside Théoden are 12 Riders of Rohan and 12 Warriors of Rohan. These bold warriors are the heroic men who risk all to save the White City from the legions of Mordor… and they’re the core of a fantastic Rohan army. Each Rider of Rohan is a dangerous foe, whether in melee or at range (even the ones wielding axes or swords have bows slung on their backs)… together they are a fast-moving and hard-hitting cavalry force. The Warriors of Rohan might be somewhat more utilitarian, but they’re still sturdy soldiers ready to vanquish the armies of Sauron (they are also great for using as dismounted Riders of Rohan whose steeds are slain in battle).

There is also a ghostly battalion in the form of the oath-breakers of Dunharrow which includes 20 Warriors of the Dead, ready to right an ancient wrong and join the fight. Not only do these ethereal warriors tower over the Orcish rabble they fight, but their ghostly weapons also cut through them with unnatural ease.

The Battle of Pelennor Fields is the most decisive encounter of the War of the Ring, where the full might of Sauron’s armies is arrayed against the White City. To lead this all-conquering throng is the Dark Lord’s greatest servant, the Witch-king of Angmar, atop his monstrous Fell Beast. Winged Nazgûl are renowned as some of the most powerful units available to the forces of Evil, and the Witch-king is the undisputed master of them all (arrayed against Théoden, who faces his sternest challenge).

At the Witch-king’s command are 36 Morannon Orcs – enough heavy infantry to sweep away almost any foe. Morannon Orcs are among Sauron’s most vicious foot soldiers – strong, tough and eager destroy the world of Men. As any veteran of the Strategy Battle Game will attest, a force of Orcs of this size is the core of a truly deadly Evil army.

Of course, they’re not alone in their efforts to raze the White City – the Evil models in Battle of Pelennor Fields are bolstered by a hulking Mordor Troll. This towering beast is a bulwark of muscle and iron, able to weather injuries that would slay lesser creatures with ease… and with a massive war hammer and a selection of Brutal Power Attacks at its disposal, the Mordor Troll is perhaps the most dangerous model in the entire boxed game.

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