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Everchosen – Archaon and Varangaurd to get considerable points cut in 2nd Edition!

Over the last couple of days Warhammer Community have been sharing info on the new upcoming second edition of Age of Sigmar!


The latest post detailed Slaves to Darkness and Everchosen and what is changing, a big part of this being points cuts for Archaon and Varanguard – interestingly this passage seems to have been edited on the website today, but yesterday detailed the costs of an Everchosen army built around the Overlords of Chaos…


Now there is a chance this paragraph was removed as the match was a little out (Or was maybe based on different Battleline requirements…) however as it currently costs 1940 points to do the formation plus the required Battleline units then 1600 is a massive reduction that gives the armies of Archaon lots to play with, wether it be daemons for the Summoner to, well, summon or for some bodies to claim objectives!

Again, it may just be that someone got their points wrong, but if there is any chance that Overlords of Chaos can be done for 1600 then I think we will see this on the table a lot more when second edition drops!

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