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Forge World Mumak War Leader Unboxing

The first The Lord of the Rings kit in a long time has just been released in the form of the Harad Mumak War Leader! Check out our unboxing below!

I am a long time fan of the Strategy Battle Game and love all the miniatures, but I havn’t actually had a game of it since the War of the Ring book came out 10 years ago in 2008! Watching the Warhammer TV streams of the game I finally decided enough is enough and to venture back into Middle-Earth!

The Mumak War Leader (Or as I like to think of it “Start Collecting Harad”) will be the starting point of my Haradrim force and I will be chronicling the progression of the army here on Sprues and Brews and over on our YouTube channel! For my Good force I will be aiming for a fully mounted Rohan army in order to recreate The Battle of Pelennor Fields!

Stay tuned for more Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game content!

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