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Forge World News – Elysian Drop Troops now “Last chance to buy” and Aurox Armoured Transport up for pre order!

From Forge World this morning we learn that it is the last chance to order the Elysian Drop Troops range! These are some lovely models and I have always fancied doing a small army of them myself while playing Ride of the Valkyries at full volume…


If you want them I’d order them sooner rather than later! You can find them over on Forge World

In better news we have a brand new tank up for order today – The Aurox Armoured Transport!


With the influx of material resources and template constructs recovered from newly compliant worlds throughout the expanding frontiers of the great crusade, early attempts were made to standardise the equipment and war machines of the Imperial Army. The Aurox Armoured Transport is one of the earliest examples of this vision of a single standard for equipping the Imperial Army. The Aurox Armoured Transport is an armoured troop transport tank primarily used by various arms of the Imperial Army to carry veteran grenadier units to battle or to protect their commanders while dictating the course of battle. A further variant of the Aurox is used by the Solar Auxilia, re-fitted for extreme environmental conditions.

This multi-part resin kit contains the components necessary to assemble an Aurox Armoured Transport. A utilitarian transport vehicle, the Aurox is little more than a cube of extremely dense armour with an enormous tank track either side – each surface of the hull has at least 1 set of doors, used for the rapid disgorgement of the up to 10 models carried within. At the front is a driver’s hatch with a sensor array beside it, and a mounted heavy stubber at the top, with hatch behind. A large exhaust pokes out from either side, and yet another hatch (there are actually 6 in total, making this a rather hatchsome transport) makes up the bulk of the rear.

This is a brilliant looking tank that looks like something between a Rhino and a Chimera and I’m itching to pick one of these up too! It comes out next Friday but is available to order from Forge World today here


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