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Forge World paint range has gone “last chance to buy”

It looks like this morning the entire Forge World paint range has gone to “Last chance to order” alongside brass sheets and the latest painting book

Forge World do cycle their ranges every now and then, but this could mean that we will not see this paint range return – so if you have painted your army using these colours it may be worth stocking up while you have the chance!

I imagine these havnt been massive sellers for Forge World as most folks tend to use Citadel colours, especially as they now have air ranges too! I suppose there is a chance that FW have changed suppliers and will have a replacement range on the way – if we hear any word on the grapevine we will let you know!

Until then if you need these colours, I suggest getting them while you can! 

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  1. literally just figured this out myself! og my god I have so many Dark Angels to paint and no more Nocturne Green!


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