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Forge World Terrax Pattern Termite Assault Drill now up for Pre Order!

The incredible looking Terrax Pattern Termite Assualt Drill is now up for Pre order from Forge World!

Forge World also have rules for not only Horus Heresy games, but also for use in 40k! I’m glad to see this being able to be used in both systems, and will certainly be picking some up for my 30k Mechanicum!

A specialised transport vehicle, the Termite is capable of deploying a full squad of warriors onto the battlefield whilst bypassing enemy fortifications and sentries. It is capable of tunnelling rapidly through even the densest of materials at speeds comparable to surface transport craft, thanks to the grinding drill of the Termite which utilises a linked array of melta-cutters and phase-shield generators to aid in its progress. Once at its target location, it emerges onto the surface, or even directly into the lower level of macrofortifications, scattering nearby enemies with its melta-cutters before disgorging its deadly cargo.

This multi-part resin kit contains the components necessary to assemble a Terrax Pattern Termite Assault Drill. Designed with practicality in mind, this vehicle eschews the aggressive look of many of its contemporaries – spending much of its time underground, this drill is more concerned with moving earth than striking fear into the enemy. As such, it is essentially a long capsule – able to transport up to 12 models – with 5 sets of tracks along its body, which serve both to pull it along the tunnels it digs and deposit rocks and earth behind it. At the rear is the engine assembly, with covers and exhaust, but the front is where the real fun is to be had – an enormous drill assembly takes up the whole of the vehicle’s front, with 4 rings of blades giving way to a large ring of grinders and crushers. 2 weapons can be mounted, either side of the drill assembly – you have the choice of included flamers, volkite chargers or heavy bolters, and a hatch on the hull can be modelled closed or open.

The Terrax Pattern Termite Assault Drill comes as 39 components. Rules for fielding this model in games of Warhammer 40,000 and The Horus Heresy are available as a PDF download.

It is priced at £75 and available to order over on Forge World today!

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