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March to War! Shavington’s 1st Age of Sigmar Tournament

Last Sunday marked the first Age of Sigmar tournament held at Shavington Village Hall. Located in Cheshire, this friendly tournament was set up by Craig Chesters and Andy Bryan, both of whom have appeared at official Games Workshop events (Andy also appeared on the official Warhammer Twitch stream!).

9 tables, with 18 players using scenarios from the latest Generals Handbook.


It’s fantastic to see so many varied armies and lists. Popular tournament forces are present, Tzeentch, for example, are represented by three players. Freeguilds, Nurgle, Khorne, Kharadron Overlords…lots of variety!

Sprues and Brewer Matt is using his Daughters of Khaine which he has managed to paint in super quick time. With the battletome only coming out yesterday he’s going to face a little bit of a challenge of remembering all those special rules. The most important thing though, is Morathi is here in all of her glory. Matt’s even managed to get some paint on both of her forms too, amazing since she was only released this weekend!

Very cool to see Nagash making a showing too!

Screenshot-2018-3-8 Media Tweets by Sprues Brews ( spruesandbrews) Twitter

Their are free trophies up for grabs for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. A wooden spoon is also on offer and a certificate for the ‘Sparklest Unicorn’, inspired by the gaming group Andy and Craig are part of, named the Purple Sparkly Unicorns (Andy’s daughter played a part in the naming of the group, nice one Molly!).

May battle commence!

Round One
Scenario: Battle for The Pass

So for the first scenario the game is played from opposite table ages, with a 24” deployment zone. One objective in each deployment zone, with a further two in No Man’s Land.

Matt’s new army are facing down a Tzeentch army with not one, but two Lord of Changes! Ya ‘ouch! Can Morathi and her Witch Aelves take down the mortal wound dishing out goodness of two Lords?


So how did the first games line up?

Colin’s Kharadron Overlords Vs Mal’s Nighthaunt
Jack’s Flesh-Eater Courts Vs Jason’s Nurgle
Aaron’s Sylvaneth Vs Jack’s Tzeentch
Carl’s Skaven Vs Andy’s Seraphon
Si’s Khorne Bloodborne Vs Andy’s Grand Host of Nagash
Matt’s Daughters of Khaine Vs Gaz’s Tzeentch
Andy’s Tzeentch Vs Andy’s Nurgle
Greg’s Skaven Vs Tim’s Freeguild
Josh’s Flesh Eater Courts Vs Mike’s Grand Host of Nagash

Round Two
Scenario: Starstrike

Some very close games in that first round! Matt’s new battletome had a very, VERY close game against the powerful forces of Tzeentch while the Freeguild, even though they did lose out, showed they are no pushovers in Age of Sigmar. Andy’s two Carnosaur list lost out to Carl’s Verminlord led forces of Skaven, whilst Mike’s Undead, led by Nagash himself dished out some hurt on Josh’s Flesh-Eater Courts.

So on to round two. For this round the scenario is Starstrike. To obtain victory players need to control objectives. Depending on the turn number determines the amount of points each of the objectives are force. Turn one, they are worth one point per objective, turn two each are worth two points, and so on.

Their is a twist however! From turn two fallen fragments will crash down from the sky, landing on random tiles. These are the objectives you’ll need to command in order to start scoring points!

We’ve got another set of interesting match ups. For round two Matt is facing off against the undead! Can he mark his first victory in this tournament, or will his army feel pain from the skeletons?

Jack’s Tzeentch Vs Gregg’s Skaven
Gaz’s Tzeentch Vs Andy’s Tzeentch
Carl’s Skaven Vs Mike’s Grand Host of Nagash
Si’s Khorne Vs Jack’s Flesh Eater Courts
Andy’s Seraphon Vs Colin’s Kharadron Overlords
Aaron’s Sylvaneth Vs Andy’s Nurgle
Tim’s Freeguilds Vs Mal’s Nighthaunt
Matt’s Daughters of Khaine Vs Andy’s Legions of Nagash
Jason’s Nurgle Vs Josh’s Flesh Eater Courts

Round Three
Scenario: Scorched Earth

Round Two featured a number of failed charges, one being from Matt’s Witch Aelves that failed a charge into a large number of troublesome skeletons. Si had a massive spot of bad luck, failing a charge with his Bloodletters, to only then get charged by a large number of Crypt Horrors, who in total dished out 61 wounds!



61 5+ Armour saves was a tough ask on a unit of 30 Bloodletters, and unfortunately the dice gods weren’t with him, as the entire unit fell!

So, onto the final scenario of the day, Scorched Earth. In this scenario each player’s deployment zone has three objectives. You can gain points for holding objectives. If you are holding an objective in your opponents deployment zone you can choose to destroy it.

The top table features the unbeaten lord of death himself, Nagash against the Skaven. Both players are unbeaten in today’s tournament. Matt is taking on co-organiser Andy Bryant and his Seraphon force. Carnosaurs Vs Cauldrons!

So who faced who?

Gregg’s Skaven Vs Mike’s Grand Host of Nagash
Gaz’s Tzeentch Vs Flesh Eater Courts
Tzeentch Vs Aaron’s Sylvaneth
Andy’s Seraphon Vs Matt’s Daughters of Khaine
Tim’s Freeguild Vs Tzeentch
Colin’s Kharadron Overlords Vs Carl’s Skaven
Si’s Khorne Bloodborne Vs Flesh Eater Courts
Andy’s Legions of Nagash Vs Nurgle
Mal’s Nighthaunt Vs Jason’s Nurgle

And so the dust has settled on the first ‘March to War’ tournament. Shall be see who was victorious, and who went home with the wooden spoon?

Wooden Spoon

Jason Hodgkinson
(Maggotkin of Nurgle)



Jack Mayland



Jack Spencer
(Flesh Eater Courts)


1st and the Sparkliest Unicorn (Best Sportsmanship)

Mike Thomas
(Grand Host of Nagash)


It’s great to see an event being held so close to home. Craig and Andy already have ambitions of a further two tournaments before the year is out, so watch this space!


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