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Horus Heresy Book Update + Rumour Engine

Couple of quick stories from Warhammer Community today.

The first is that the delayed updated Horus Heresy Rulebook will be on preorder before the end of the year. It was delayed a month or so back due to a printing issue, and many were wondering how big the delay would be.

Secondly, as with every Tuesday their is a brand new rumour engine image. This has to be something Eldar-ish right?

According to the social media channels to accompany the article it says:

It’s the last Rumour Engine before Christmas, and we’ve got an early present for you in the form of one of next year’s (or beyond!) exciting new models. What do you think it is?

So it maybe some time before we see actually what this could be from. We’ve had the Craftworld Eldar book already, however a number of their Aspect Warriors have old metal minis, of which are long overdue an update. Other rumours point towards some kind of titan.

What do you think it could be? Are you planning on preordering the latest Horus Heresy rulebook? Let us know in the comments or via social media.

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