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The Lion Approaches? Dark Angels Rumours

Thanks to the seminar at the Blood and Glory event a few days ago we now know that the next two 40k Codex releases will the Dark Angels and the Blood Angels.

These two armies are a little under powered now compared to the Ultramarines and other ‘general’ marine armies, so it makes sense for these two popular forces to have books to bring them up to date.

With all upcoming releases, the rumour mill starts turning!

So, rumours have it, as originally posted by the ‘Inner Circle’ Facebook group that the Dark Angels codex is going to be up for preorder on the 2nd December, with it being released a week later on the 9th.

I’ve picked out some of the rules, stratagems and weapons that could be in the codex, should these rumours be correct:


Fury of the First
Use this stratagem in your shooting phase. All plasma weapons may use the
supercharge weapon template but ignore any mortal wounds that would be
caused by a roll of 1.

Repent for Tomorrow You Die
Unforgiven Stratagem
Use this stratagem before Overwatch, the UNFORGIVEN unit may fire Overwatch
at full BS.

Warlord Traits

Hold at all costs
Your warlord and UNFORGIVEN units within 9″ of your Warlord may roll a D6
for every wound sustained, on a 5+ it is ignored.

The Hunt
Any enemy Character that your Warlord slays in the fight phase grants one
victory point


Monster Slayer of Caliban
S+2 AP-2 D d3
If this weapon causes at least one unsaved wound roll a D6 on a 6 the model
is removed from play. Does not effect models with the VEHICLE keyword

Shroud of Heroes
The shroud of heroes confers a 4+ cover save and for each unsaved wound
roll a D6 on a 6+ the save is ignored

Units themselves apparently aren’t changing much, although Sammael can no longer be mounted in Sableclaw.

da 2

The big BIG rumour however, centres around the Primarch himself, Lion El’Jonson! According to Inner Circle he is in the codex and has the following stat line:

M 8″ WS 2+ BS 2+ S 6  T 6  W 9  A 7  Ld 10  Sv 2+

What about his special rules and gear I hear you cry?

Hope Melee Melee S+2 AP -3 D 2 If you roll a wound roll of 6+ for this
weapon, it inflicts Mortal Wounds instead of its normal damage.

Despair 18” AssaultD3 S8 AP -3 D3 If a unit suffers any damage from this
weapon, roll a D6 on a 6 the unit suffers D3 Mortal Wounds

And they shall know no fear

Master of the First – If your army is battleforged, you receive an
additional 3 CP if Lion El’Jonson is your Warlord.

Armour of the Order – Lion El’Jonson has a 3+ invulnerable save. In
addition all UNFORGIVEN units within 8” receive an 5+ Invulnerable save.

Blade Master – For every unsaved wound Lion El’Jonson causes in the fight
phase he can immediately make an additional attack. This ability can only
be used once per fight phase.

Master Strategist- each time a stratagem is used roll a D6 on a 4+ the CP
for that stratagem is not spent

I Primarch – You can re-roll any failed hit and wound rolls for friendly
UNFORGIVEN units within 6” of Lion El’Jonson.

We’ve all known for a while that it would be likely be a loyalist Primarch that would be up next, now that Gulliman is outnumbered with Magnus and Mortarion causing chaos. And a lot of people have suggested for a while that the Lion could be up next.


So what do we think? Are these rumours rubbish, or do you think these could all be true? Is the Lion hitting stores before Christmas? Let us know your thoughts by commenting on this post or alternately via one of our social media channels.

We shall also be discussing the new upcoming codexes on our next podcast. Missed the first one? Check it out here.

Our thanks to ‘Inner Circle’ and Natfka for this information.


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