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Vermintide 2! Nurgle Wariors, 15 hero classes and lots more!

Exciting news from Fatshark games today with the unveiling of Vermintide 2!

The original game was an frantic cooperative battle against hordes of skittering Skaven, and really nailed the feel of the Old World  – today on their Twitch stream Fatshark showed us the first glimpse of the new game…


The new game will be bringing us 15 hero classes over 5 heroes! All the original heroes will be back, but now they have the option of multiple hero classes to choose from.

All these hero classes will also have talent trees to further develop their abilities ans customise your playstyle!

To mix things up there will be Heroic Deeds, different challenges that will push you to play above and beyond in order to claim extra rewards!

The loot system will also be changing, it will still take a long time to get all the good stuff – however it will be much easier to pick up loot in order to create a feeling of progression from game to game (Something that was lacking in the original Vermintide). The team want people to stick to the weapon style they like and not feel forced to switch playstyle because of a drop.

One of the groups of enemies we will be facing off against will be Chaos warriors! And not just any Chaos Warriors – these guys are the followers of Nurgle! Rather than Rat Ogres these have chaos spawns as minibosses! Very excited to face off about these guys!


But it’s not just the Chaos forces we will be facing, the Skaven will be back, who have now entered into a pact with the ruinous powers! Lots more units will be seen such as the Stormfiend! The developers have said there will be double the enemy types to face!


The game is out early next year and can be preordered now on Steam which will grant you some bonus DLC!


We are big fans of the original game at Sprues and Brews and will be covering the game as we near it’s release!




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