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Breaking news! Warhammer Age of Sigmar Skirmish

We have some breaking news from the Warhammer Live stream covering the new Warhammer Age of Sigmar Skirmish!

Skirmish is a game featuring warbands of 5-20 models. The warbands cover all 4 factions but not all models, with those being allowed listed in the Skirmish rulebook (Out at a bargain £6 price point!) The warbands use a currency known as renown rather than points and allows for a super customisable force than can be converted to fit the story of the game! Warbands need at least a single hero, but then the rest of the force is up to your imagination!

Wizards can be taken and have 3 new spells! Magic Items are also available!

Units are split up and become individual models however Battleshock tests are taken on the whole army, so the loss of a single model can be deadly and spell the end of your game!

The game is set in the city of Shadespire (in the mortal realms) in the realm of death. Shadespire was the richest town in the mortal realms, but the people offended Nagash causing an event that leaves Shadespire as ruins. The city is surrounded by a desert of death! Interestingly this is the same setting as the upcoming Shadespire game – nice to see Games Workshop tie together their future releases like this!

You build a warband and work your way through 6 narrative battleplans to build the story of your force with the warband gaining upgrades as they progress throughout the storyline.

The intent of the game is to be able to buy a box and be able to start putting together a warband for smaller and quicker games in a more casual and narrative environment!

 The game is up for preorder on Saturday and Sprues and Brews will be back with a full review and battle report once we have our hands on it!

More news as we get it!


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