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Category: Warhammer Age of Sigmar

Warhammer 366 – Week 3

I can’t believe we are almost through January – time flies when you do some Warhammer every day it seems! So let’s see what i got up to in the […]

Warhammer 366 – Week 2

Another week into 2020 and another 7 days of Warhammer 366! If you want to join in then use #Warhammer366 on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram Day 8 Today was all […]

Teclis and his Aelves return Spring 2020

The New Year Open Day ended with some pretty massive news! Teclis and his Aelves (Real, Pointy Aelves) are back soon… In fact, they are back this spring! Really looking […]

New Year Open Day Reveals!

We’ve got some fantastic images of today’s new reveals, including Shadowsun, Ogor Hunter for Underworlds and more Sisters of Battle

Made to Order – Chaos Dwarfs!

A blast from the past in today’s Made to order wave – Classic Blood Bowl Chaos Dwarfs! Chaos Dwarves are cruel, calculating, and violent. Go all-in with this classic metal […]