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Category: News

Ogor Mawtribes: Command Trait Previews

Over on the official Age of Sigmar Facebook page Games Workshop have put a number of images online showing a number of command traits from the upcoming Ogor Mawtribes Battletome. […]

Review: Cites of Sigmar

An Age of War (Hammer) The light of Sigmar shines down across the Mortal Realms, reclaimed by the God-King and his champions. But there was another time, another age, another […]

Inquisition in next months White Dwarf!

Fans of the Inquisition rejoice, it looks like they are featuring in next month’s White Dwarf! Hopefully this will feature new Warhammer 40k rules for them – I know Dave […]

Rogue Idol Warscroll Updated

As promised on the Warhammer TV Twitch stream, following the release of the Orruk Warclans book Forgeworld have now updated the Rogue Idol Warscroll! Rejoice Ironjawz, Bonsplitterz and Big WAAGGHH […]

How To Train Your Skull Host of Khorne

How to train your Skull Host of Khorne The Mortal Realms are filled with a multitude of big gribbly beasties, horrific daemons and creatures of nightmare – but none are […]