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Next Weeks Preorders: Warcry Nightmare Quest & Return of Forge World Heresy Tanks

As always, Warhammer Community have lifted the lid on what is up for preorder next Saturday from 10am.

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Here’s the run through courtesy of WarCom

Warcry2 600Wide LOGO

Warcry: Nightmare Quest

The battle for the Ravening Ruin continues as a band of heroic huntsmen venture into the Gnarlwood on a quest to save the Mortal Realms… or so they think. In reality, the Royal Beastflayers of the Flesh-eater Courts are little more than raving monsters whose deluded antics threaten the stability of Ghur, a danger too great for the Stormcast Eternals to ignore.

SundayPreview May7 Warcry 01 NightmareQuest1

To combat such savage ghouls, Sigmar sends his Questor Soulsworn – wandering champions of the Stormhosts who, though few in number, fight with the strength of hundreds of lesser mortals.  

SundayPreview May7 Warcry 02 NightmareQuest2
SundayPreview May7 Warcry 03 NightmareQuest3

Alongside these two complete warbands, Nightmare Quest contains a full complement of Gnarlwood scenery – including a massive, half-ruined Realmshaper Engine and a selection of twisted gnarloaks. Combined with the 64-page warband tome, double-sided game board, and reference cards, this set is the perfect way to expand your Warcry experience.

Askurgan Trueblades

SundayPreview May7 Warcry 05 Trueblades

The vampire ascetics of the Askurgan Trueblades are precision and discipline incarnate, suppressing their hunger to attain enlightenment in the ways of combat. This standalone warband of eight multi-part plastic miniatures – previously only available in the Bloodhunt box set – is a brutally effective martial force that shows off an entirely different perspective on the Soulblight Gravelords, and comes with the fighter cards and ability card you need to deploy them right to the battlefield.

Claws of Karanak

SundayPreview May7 Warcry 04 Karanak

Where the Askurgan Trueblades resist the call of mortal blood, the Claws of Karanak revel in it. As devotees of Khorne and worshippers of the savage Flesh Hounds, they revel in the carnage of open battle and aim to turn the jungles of Ghur into their own personal charnel house.

No, that isn’t a Flesh Hound – the Hound of Wrath is simply a warrior who really, really wishes he were one, and his seven companions are entirely happy to let him do his thing. If wanton slaughter and rivers of blood are the way you roll, the Claws of Karanak are for you.

HorusHeresy2022 Black 600Wide LOGO

Classic tanks from the Forge World range return to the Horus Heresy at the Games Workshop webstore, upgraded with new plastic sponson sprues that make it easier than ever to add weapon variety to your armoured companies. 

SundayPreview May7 HH 01 Mastodon
SundayPreview May7 HH 02 SuperHeavy1
SundayPreview May7 HH 04 SuperHeavy3
SundayPreview May7 HH 03 SuperHeavy2

The super-heavy Legion transport known as the Mastodon is a mighty beast that keeps whole platoons of Space Marines safe within its hull, while the Fellblade, Falchion, and Glaive ferry supremely powerful weapons to the front while soaking up return fire. The Mastodon will also soon be getting an updated datasheet to allow all of the options available on the new sponson sprue, such as volkite culverins and heavy bolters.

SundayPreview May7 HH 05 Bombard

Arquitor Bombards are dedicated artillery tanks, mounting either a spicula rocket system, a graviton-charge cannon, or a morbus heavy bombard. Despite their role as artillery, they still pack a pair of sponsons for more diverse work – each kit includes resin autocannons, plus the full spread of plastic lascannons, heavy flamers, heavy bolters, and volkite culverins.

SundayPreview May7 HH 06 Javelin
SundayPreview May7 HH 07 DamoclesRhino

Finally, the Javelin Land Speeder also gets new weapon options and an updated datasheet to give more versatile loadouts to speed-hungry commanders, while the Damocles Command Rhino Upgrade Kit lets you upgrade a regular plastic Deimos-pattern Rhino into a mobile command base with powerful sensor suites. All of these kits* contain both resin and plastic components, and can be taken by all Loyalist and Traitor Legions.

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