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We’ve Launched On Patreon & Discord!

Two bits of massive news to drop this evening!

First of all, following a few comments over time from different community members, we have decided to launch a Patreon page!

You can find it right here.

We are offering three tiers, starting at £3 and going up to £10, with benefits for each tier including exclusive content and credits on our videos.

If you like the content we put out and wish to help us continue then please feel free to subscribe to us on Patreon. Any money raised will help go towards the website.

Secondly, we are now on Discord!

You can chat to us and other community members via this link.

We’ve opened up a couple of channels and cannot wait to start sharing chatting about the hobby with all of you over on Discord.

Finally, you may have missed the news that our Merch Store has reopened!

If you fancy a Sprues & Brews mug, tshirt, etc, then head over to it right here.

Again, any funds raised will help go towards the website. Plus, you’ll totally be the coolest person at Warhammer tournaments (not guaranteed…)

These new additions are thanks to you folks, our community. We wouldn’t be here without you.

As always, a massive thank you for your support.

Happy Hobbying!
Dave, Matt, Jay & Andy

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