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Warhammer Postage Stamps Coming to the UK June 2023

Awesome news for any Warhammer fans who are also philatelists (That’s stamp collectors to the uninitiated!)

On the 8th June 2023, Royal Mail in the UK will be releasing a range of commemorative Warhammer postage stamps! There’s been many awesome special stamps released over the years, but this is the first time we’ve seen any official Warhammer ones!

We don’t have many details yet, but with 2023 being Warhammer’s big 40th birthday (the original game was released July 1983) then I suspect this is lined up to celebrate that!

You tend to get a range of different collectibles in each special release, from first day covers (An envelope with special artwork adorned with the new stamps and franked with the release date) to framed sets of the entire collection and nice presentation booklets filled with info and artwork, and I suspect there will be lots of cool things we’ll all want to pick up as part of this!

And dont forget these are not just collectibles, they are fully legal postage stamps too, so you might even see them on any post that you get over the summer!

We’ll have more news as we get it, but keep an eye on the Royal Mail website as we approach June, as I suspect some of the cool collectibles will be very very popular!

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