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Next Week’s Preorders! Middle-Earth! Heresy! Gobbos!

Lots of cool stuff up for preorder next week! Thanks to Warhammer Community we have the full low down below.

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MiddleEarth 600Wide LOGO

The Lord of The Rings Battle of Osgiliath

ME StartPlaying Sep9 Image1

Fight for Good or Evil with this huge new boxed set that contains 54 miniatures, including new plastic versions of Faramir, Madril, Damrod and Gothmog on foot and on a warg, plus two sets of the brand new Gondor ruins. A starter rules manual for the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game is included to get you playing straight away, alongside a set of scenarios to play out the clash for Osgiliath.

Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game – Rules Manual

SundayPreview Dec04 MERules

Get the most up-to-date rule set for the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game with this 224-page book, available in hardback and ePub formats. It contains the core rules, and folds in all existing FAQs and errata, bringing it totally up to date.*

Middle-earth Dice Sets

SundayPreview Dec04 RohanDice
SundayPreview Dec04 IsengardDIce
SundayPreview Dec04 MinasDice
SundayPreview Dec04 MordorDice

Call on the power of your favourite faction when making those all-important dice rolls with these four themed dice sets. There are two for the good guys – Minas Tirith** and Rohan,** then two for the bad guys – Mordor** and Isengard.

The Ringbearers

SundayPreview Dec04 Ringbearers

Forge World are also re-releasing The Ringbearers, a set of five classic miniatures. There’s Frodo Baggins, Bilbo Baggins as a master burglar and as an older Hobbit, Isildur, and the rascal Gollum. They’re cast in clear resin, so you can swap them out in play to represent the One Ring’s power of invisibility. 

WHUW Gnarlwood 600Wide LOGO

Grinkrak’s Looncourt

SundayPreview Dec04 Looncourt

Grinkrak is ready to lead his Looncourt retainers into the Gnarlwood! This knightly band of brothers is motivated not by greed for shiny objects but by their king’s oratory (and a ‘healthy’ dose of consciousness-expanding mushrooms). All seven of these snivelling squires must work together to overcome the nasty foes they will face.*

Fearsome Fortress

SundayPreview Dec04 FFCards

Breathe new life into an old Warhammer Underworlds warband with Fearsome Fortress, a new Rivals deck.Control and manipulate the board state with fiendish gambits and upgrades to achieve unique objectives, which make your toughest fighters even harder to take down. Check out a sneak peek at the cards within, which can also be used in Nemesis and Championship Formats.*

KillTeam 600Wide copy LOGO

Kill Team Critical Ops: Tactical Ops Mission Cards

SundayPreview Dec04 CritOpsCards

Expand your Kill Team experience with a new deck of Tactical Ops cards that includes missions and map cards allowing you to jump straight into balanced Matched Play games with your friends. You can even spice things up with random draws and bidding structures to build your missions.

HorusHeresy2022 Black 600Wide LOGO

Legiones Astartes: Scorpius Missile Tank

SundayPreview Dec04 Scorpius

Requests for heavy artillery have been approved. The Scorpius Missile Tank is ready to roll onto the battlefields of the Horus Heresy and provide fire support. Even if it fails to turn a Tactical Squad into a smoking crater, it may still leave them pinned and unable to act.*

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