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Next Week’s Preorders: AoS Battleforces! Warcry! Blood Bowl!

Fancy any of the stuff listed below? When preorders go live next weekend, why not preorder through Element Games, securing yourself a discount against RRP and helping us out at the same time!

Quite a hefty amount of plastic and resin is up for preorder next weekend, almost all out of the Mortal Realms. The big headline items are the Battleforces, albeit just the Age of Sigmar ones for now. You can check out our breakdown of the value of all of this year’s battleforces right here!

Check out the full preorder news post below, courtesy of Warhammer Community:

AoS 600Wide LOGO

Battleforce: Daughters of Khaine – Khainite Slaughter-Coven

SundayPreview Nov20 AoSBattleforces DOK

Show your support for that plucky mortal who pulled herself up by her snakeskin bootstraps – with a small offering of precious varanite – to become a god. This Daughters of Khaine Battleforce contains 27 miniatures, including a Slaughter Queen on Cauldron of Blood, which can be built in two other ways, plus a gaggle of slithering, flying, mounted, and cavorting aelves.

Battleforce: Gloomspite Gitz – Stampeding Squigalanche

SundayPreview Nov20 AoSBattleforces GIT

When you think about it, a squig is the most Christmassy of all the creatures in the Mortal Realms – round, bouncy, and always hungry. Add a buffet of these monstrously joyful orbs to your collection with a Battleforce that contains 25 miniatures, including two pairs of Mangler Squigs – that’s even more squigs per squig!

Battleforce: Nighthaunt – Legion of Grief

SundayPreview Nov20 AoSBattleforces NH

Those who firmly believe that Halloween is the superior festival can celebrate a second time with this seriously spooky Battleforce. Led by Lady Olynder, the Mortarch of Grief, the Legion of Grief is a spectral horde comprising 32 fantastic phantasms – including a Black Coach.*

Battleforce: Orruk Warclans – Kruleboyz Swamp-lurkers

SundayPreview Nov20 AoSBattleforces ORR

Kruleboyz are the new orruks on the block, who prefer to use hard finkin’ to discover new ways to be downright mean. This Battleforce contains 15 miniatures, including an ornery Killaboss on Corpse-rippa Vulcha, an odious Snatchaboss on Sludgeraker Beast, and a bunch of footsloggers.*

Battleforce: Skaven – The Verminous Host

SundayPreview Nov20 AoSBattleforces SKA

For the most bang-bang for your buck, the Verminous Host contains a whopping 85 miniatures. Those hordes of Clanrats and Plague Monks can act as meatshields for your craven leaders, while twisted Stormfiends rain warpstone hell on their foes.

Battleforce: Stormcast Eternals – Thunderstrike Spearhead

SundayPreview Nov20 AoSBattleforces SCE

Thunderstrike Armour is the number-one fashion choice amongst the ranks of the Stormcast Eternals right now. This Battleforce contains 26 miniatures, all clad in dashing metal suits, including two mighty Stormdrake Guard on their draconith steeds.*

Battleforce: Sylvaneth – Revenant Wargrove 

SundayPreview Nov20 AoSBattleforces SYL

The Sylvaneth wage war against the enemies of nature, but none are so cruel in their hunts as the Outcasts. These spirits are commanded by the monstrous Drycha Hamadreth, who is joined by 28 other miniatures hungry for the blood of those who transgress against Alarielle.

Curseling, Eye of Tzeentch

SundayPreview Nov20 DoTCurseling

The new plastic Curseling was originally available in the Arcane Cataclysm boxed set, facing down the learned Lumineth. They arrive solo next week – or at least as solo as this mighty warrior-wizard can be, given the spell-slinging Tretchlet that sprouts from their side.

Scinari Enlightener

SundayPreview Nov20 LUMEnlightener

For those who prefer your magic with a side serving of luminous arrogance, the Scinari Enlightener is joining the ranks of the Lumineth Realm-lords. Wielding immense magical power, she burns her enemies off the face of the Mortal Realms, and is available separately for the first time.*

Warcry2022 Logo 700Wide

Warcry: Sundered Fate

SundayPreview Nov20 SunderedFate

The stone-skinned cultists of the Jade Obelisk are on a mission to deface every statue and eviscerate every still-beating heart in the Gnarlwood, an act of desecration with which the stealthy scaled guardians in the Hunters of Huanchi take umbrage.

SundayPreview Nov20 SFHuanchi
SundayPreview Nov20 SFJadeObelisk
SundayPreview Nov20 SFTerrain

This boxed set contains 23 miniatures and a hefty heap of terrain, including creepy Gnarloaks, rope bridges, scattered ruins, palisades, extended platforms and a new hollow refuge. There’s also a double-sided gaming board, the Stealth and Stone warband tome, and Fighter and Ability cards for both warbands, and a set of Battleplan cards for setting up games. You’ll need the Warcry core rules to play – these can be found in the Warcry: Core Book, and are also available to download for free.**

Ravaged Lands: Gnarlwood Watchcamp

SundayPreview Nov20 Watchcampbox

Create a real thick’n’nasty slice of the Gnarlwood to fight over with this battlefield expansion, which collects a grisly glade of Ghurish terrain first released in Warcry: Heart of Ghur. You get two gnarloaks, a watchtower made out of a megadroth skull, rope bridges, a range of obstacles, and a double-sided gaming board.**

Horns of Hashut

SundayPreview Nov20 HornsHashut

Break out the marshmallows – the Horns of Hashut are coming. This warband was first available in Warcry: Heart of Ghur and comprises 10 miniatures, including Ruinators, Demolishers – one of whom is armed with the deadly Flamehurler – and Shatterers. They’re also usable in Slaves to Darkness armies for Warhammer Age of Sigmar.**

Rotmire Creed

SundayPreview Nov20 Rotmire

The Rotmire Creed are always on the hunt for the perfect pox to add to their alchemical repertoire. Released separately for the first time, this warband contains a Witherlord, a Bloated One, two Carrion Catchers, and six Mirefolk Outcasts. The Rotmire Creed can also serve as a sneaky vanguard unit for the Maggotkin of Nurgle in Warhammer Age of Sigmar – you can download their rules for free.**

Warband Tome: Rot and Ruin

SundayPreview Nov20 RotRuin

Learn more about the Horns of Hashut and the Rotmire Creed with this 64-page warband tome containing all the background information and rules for both warbands – and for the Gnarlwood itself. You’ll also find quests for both warbands and two campaign arcs, including one for four to six players.**

Returning Warcry Warbands

SundayPreview Nov20 WarcryWarbandsFULL (1)

After a short hiatus – it took them a while to reach the Gnarlwood from the Eightpoints – the original Warcry warbands are all returning. You can pick up all of the original eight warbands from the eight Mortal Realms, plus the spidery Tarantulos Brood, the brutish Darkoath Savagers, and the penumbral Khainite Shadowstalkers – the whole gang is here!

These updated boxes don’t include Fighter or Ability cards – all the rules you need are now available as a free download. And with rules for fielding these warriors in Warhammer Age of Sigmar as well as Warcry, it’d be silly not to grab a few.

Returning Warcry Monsters

SundayPreview Nov20 WarcryBeastsFULL (1)

Tame a monster or two and add some spice to the battlefield with ferocious fauna – the Chaotic Beasts, Fomoroid Crusher, Mindstealer Sphiranx, and Ogroid Myrmidon are all being re-released. These creatures are all usable in both Warcry and Slaves to Darkness armies – the Ogroid Myrmidon in particular makes the perfect leader for your new Ogroid Theridons.

Warcry Dice

SundayPreview Nov20 Dice1
SundayPreview Nov20 Dice2
SundayPreview Nov20 Dice3
SundayPreview Nov20 Dice4

There are four dice packs coming, each themed around a Warband from the current season – the Horns of Hashut, the Rotmire Creed, the Hunters of Huanchi, and the Jade Obelisk. With a warband symbol for a 6 and three colour combos in each set, these dice are perfect for when you need to rub in just how lucky you were to have rolled a quad.***

BloodBowl 600Wide LOGO

Dungeon Bowl: Death Match

SundayPreview Nov20 DeathMatch

The only thing better than playing Blood Bowl on the pitch is mixing it up in a dungeon crawl with portals and traps. This first expansion for Dungeon Bowl pits the College of Death against the College of Life in an almighty clash between two teams of mixed players, new Dungeon Tiles, tokens, and more – keep an eye out for the Wandering Werewolf.**

Blood Bowl Spike! Presents: 2022 Almanac!  (Hardback and ePub)

SundayPreview Nov20 Almanac

The Norse and Amazon issues of Spike! Journal are collected in this compilation, which also contains rules for eight new star players, including Cindy Piewhistle, Ripper Bolgrot, and Withergrasp Doubledrool. You’ll be able to pick it up in hardback and ePub formats.**

HorusHeresy2022 Black 600Wide LOGO

Night Lords MKVI Legion Upgrades

SundayPreview Nov20 NLHeads
SundayPreview Nov20 NLShoulders

Tool up your MKVI Tactical Space Marines with thematic helmets, heads, and shoulder pads hung with the grisly trophies and macabre imagery of the Night Lords.

Iron Hands MKVI Legion Upgrades

SundayPreview Nov20 IHHeads
SundayPreview Nov20 IHShoulders

The flesh is weak, which is the perfect excuse to upgrade your MKVI Tactical Space Marines with a range of cold, hard, cog-toothed Iron Hands upgrades.

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