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Next Week’s Preorders! The Votann Arrive!!

All of the following is up for preorder next week! Remeber to preorder through our Element Games links to save pennies and help us out massively!

The Leagues of Votann are officially up for preorder next week! That’s right, the entire range is up for preorder including a Combat Patrol and snazzy looking dice!

All of the following is courtesy of Warhammer Community:

40k 600Wide LOGO

Codex: Leagues of Votann

SundayPreview Oct23 LoV Codex

The might of the Kin is unleashed, with 104 pages of Leagues of Votann lore and rules, bringing this long-awaited faction roaring into the 41st Millennium. A complete roster of datasheets, stratagems, warlord traits, and relics gives your new army the power it needs to carve out a name on the battlefield, while in-depth Crusade rules lead your Kinhost on a daring quest for resources across the galaxy.

Befitting such a momentous release, you can also mark the occasion with a glamorous Collector’s Edition codex embossed with gleaming silver foil and luxurious details – but only while stocks last.*

Combat Patrol: Leagues of Votann

SundayPreview Oct23 LoV CombatPatrol

Hit the ground running with Combat Patrol: Leagues of Votann, packing an essential selection of units into one tidy box. You get one Kâhl – buildable as special character Ûthar the Destined – plus 10 Hearthkyn Warriors, three Hernkyn Pioneers and five Cthonian Beserks, giving you powerful options whether the enemy’s up close or far away.*

Ûthar the Destined

SundayPreview Oct23 LoV Uthar

Chosen for command and drilled for war from birth, Ûthar the Destined has trained his entire life to lead the Greater Thurian League to victory. He’s both an indomitable fighter and masterful commander, squeezing every ounce of potential from his soldiers while carving up his foes with the Blade of the Ancestors.

This kit can alternatively be built as a standard Kâhl, a powerful leader for Kinhosts of any League.*


SundayPreview Oct23 LoV Grimnyr

Known as Living Ancestors, the Grimnyr use strange barrier tech to manipulate the immaterium and manifest deadly psychic powers. They are among the few privy to the Votann themselves, deciphering their wisdom and acting as something of a priesthood to their Kinbands.*

Einhyr Champion

SundayPreview Oct23 LoV EinhryChamp

The Kin are capable of subtle tactics, but when something just needs to be smashed really hard, they call for the Einhyr Champions. Their rocket-boosted exo-armour slams into enemies with the force of a freight train, delivering the peerless hammer-swinging skills of the Champion into the heart of battle.*

Einhyr Hearthguard

SundayPreview Oct23 LoV EinhryGuard

The Einhyr Hearthguard are nothing short of the Leagues’ finest troops, protected by bulky exo-armour and carrying an array of powerful weapons. They have both the skills and equipment to tussle with the enemy’s best, emerging victorious in a hail of bolts and blades.*

Brôkhyr Iron-master

SundayPreview Oct23 LoV Brokhyr

The Kinhost’s forges are tended by the Brôkhyr, a guild of master makers and menders. Iron-masters are the best of their kind, leading repair and recovery efforts on the battlefield aided by an entourage of Ironkyn and E-COG repair crews.*

Brôkhyr Thunderkyn

SundayPreview Oct23 LoV BrokhyrThunderkyn

When Brôkhyr aren’t required to fix up their League’s wargear, they strap into lumbering exo-frames and heft heavy weapons into battle. Bolt cannons and graviton blast cannons shred light and heavy infantry alike, while SP conversion beamers bore holes straight through the hardiest vehicles.*

Hearthkyn Warriors

SundayPreview Oct23 LoV Hearthkyn

Hearthkyn form the rank and file of a Kinhost, clad in durable void armour and laying down storms of fire from bolt and ion weaponry. They’re an essential part of any Leagues of Votann force, forming squads of up to 20 warriors for the ultimate in objective defence.*

Hernkyn Pioneers

SundayPreview Oct23 LoV HernkynPioneers

More independently minded Kin trade the regimented life of the Leagues for the open road, returning to fight for their Hold as Hernkyn Pioneer outriders. Their grav-bikes are equipped with an array of powerful weapons, giving a heavy offensive punch to their speedy hit-and-run attacks.*

Cthonian Beserks

SundayPreview Oct23 LoV Beserks

Hailing from the Cthonian Mining Guild, Beserks are ferocious close combat fighters who load up with augmetics and charge headlong into combat, swinging brutal mining tools fashioned into weapons of war.*


SundayPreview Oct23 LoV Sagitaur

While not blessed with a sprinter’s gait, the Kin still value quick redeployment in battle, and make heavy use of the rugged Sagitaur ATVs to transport their warriors around. Two Sagitaurs working in concert can even carry a whole 10-man Hearthkyn squad, delivering dependable troops wherever they’re needed.*

Hekaton Land Fortress

SundayPreview Oct23 LoV LandFortress

The toughest obstacles require a vehicle of tremendous power to break through, and the Hekaton Land Fortress serves with distinction. Festooned with weapons and capable of carrying a large number of troops, this impressive battle tank is a fearsome asset on the battlefield, dealing damage and soaking up punishment in equal measure.*

Leagues of Votann Dice Set

SundayPreview Oct23 LoV Dice

Give your Kinband the support it deserves with a set of 16 Leagues of Votann dice, cast in semi-transparent plastic with burnished yellow-gold details and the faction logo on the six.*

Datacards: Leagues of Votann

SundayPreview Oct23 LoV Datacards

With an entire faction released on one day, it’ll pay to have your rules close at hand, and nothing does it better than the Leagues of Votann Datacards. Each pack of 50 cards contains every Stratagem at your disposal, as well as the six psychic powers available to the new Skeinwrought discipline.*

HH Logo PressRoom WEB

Deimos Pattern Predator Support Tank

SundayPreview Oct23 HH Tank

The Predator is an extremely versatile vehicle, and now you can bring some of the Legions’ strongest weapons to bear with the new Deimos Pattern Predator Support Tank kit. The kit contains an executioner plasma destroyer, magna-melta cannon, flamestorm cannon, heavy conversion beam cannon, and neutron blaster – perfect for backing up your existing Predator Battle Tanks and their conventional (but no less deadly) arsenal.**

Corswain, Paladin of the Ninth Order

SundayPreview Oct23 FW Corswain

The legendary Dark Angels hero Corswain makes his way to the battlefield with a beautiful resin miniature from Forge World. With strategic brilliance and swordsmanship to rival the best of other Legions, the Primarch’s hand-picked Seneschal is dogged in his determination to hunt down Typhus of the Death Guard.

Death Guard Legion Praetors

SundayPreview Oct23 FW Praetors

Sinister doesn’t even begin to describe the masters of the Death Guard, who command their implacable forces with cold determination and brutal efficiency. The regular Praetor carries a wicked power scythe – a hallmark of his Legion – while the Cataphractii Praetor hefts a huge, ancient power weapon adorned with the icon of the Dusk Raiders, the Legion’s forebears.

Death Guard MkVI Upgrades

SundayPreview Oct23 FW DGMKVIShoulders

Equip your MkVI Space Marines with the iconography of the Death Guard with thematic sets of helmets and shoulder pads, giving a brutal, industrial feel to the smooth MkVI Corvus armour.

Blood Angels MkVI Upgrades

SundayPreview Oct23 FW DGMKVIHeads
SundayPreview Oct23 FW BAMKVIHeads
SundayPreview Oct23 FW BAMKVIShoulders

The Blood Angels never fail to look incredible, even caked in battlefield debris, and these resin upgrades take your MkVI Space Marines even further. Fine gold details add a touch of class to their ‘beaky’ helmets, while the Legion icon stands out proudly on their shoulders.

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