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Hobby Resolutions August 2022 Update

August has come and gone and wow the year is flying by and with it so is my hobby resolutions, to make things easier I am now marking the hobby resolutions I have completed since the previous update in green and all the resolutions I have completed in red, I had plans to finish off several hobby resolutions in August but with some delays with the mail my plans fell through.

So overall I only did one hobby resolution which was to fully read a white dwarf (issue 476) again a nice and easy one to do which I have left this long just in case there was a month where I was going to struggle to get stuff done, now in my opinion the white dwarf magazines have never been better then they are now I love the mix of the different game systems in terms of the content you get including matched play rule updates, I love the short stories they put in which are great fun to read, in fact I loved reading it so much that I renewed my white dwarf subscription !!!

In my last update I said I wanted to finish adding 500 points to my Disciples of Tzeentch which I have added too but not finished, I have painted 10 Pink Horrors which have been sitting in my display cabinet for a while, this combined with the Changecaster I painted earlier in the year comes to 390 points. I thought that I had painted another group of Pink Horrors this year but I haven’t, with that my plan is to make a final push in September to try and get that last little bit done also with the new Chaos Daemon codex out I now know the points for the 40k version of these Daemons which I have updated on the sheet above.

I bought myself the Incarnate of Ghur for £28 off of Element games which I was going to try and get painted for my Ogors but with the delays to the mail it didn’t arrive in time, my plan in September is to get this model built and painted which will give me just over 500 points added to my Ogors combined with the Warhammer Underworlds war band I painted at the beginning of the year.

In August I also had a couple of games of kill team with the Chaos Legionaires which I really enjoyed but forgot to take pictures of, I did however decide to paint up the barricades for kill team.

I went for 3 blue and 3 red as the tokens in the kill team set are both blue and red, these were super quick to do, I first sprayed them leadbelcher, used contrast to get the base red and blue down, then washed the whole thing with agrax earthshade, I then dry brushed necron compound and used gore grunta fur contrast (mixed with contrast medium 50/50) to weather the barricades.

The rest of August was spent painting up a Leviathan dreadnought with ranged weapons for my Iron Warriors, this was again pretty quick to paint and has got me super pumped to paint up some more Heresy. Unfortunately my next event is a path to glory AOS event in October and I have a couple of Warcry events both in September and November so the heresy will have to wait.

I haven’t forgotten about the Dominion box and I want to make some progress in September …… sooo let me make a list

  1. Khronspine Incarnate of Ghur
  2. Finish off adding 500 points of Disiples of Tzeentch
  3. Paint some of the dominion box

Lets see how I do.

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