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Next Week’s Preorders: Chaos Daemons! Possessed, Classic Chaos Minis

All of the following is up for preorder next Saturday! Why not preorder through Element Games via one of our affliate links? You’ll be doing us a solid by helping us to continue what we do!

All of the below is courtesy of Warhammer Community, who have just lifted the lid on what’s up for preorder next week.

40k Chaos fans rejoice!

40k 600Wide LOGO

Chaos Space Marines Accursed Cultists

SundayPreview Aug21 40kContent AccCultists

There’s a new breed of cultists who are really feeling the power of Chaos – but not necessarily in a way that’s advantageous to their health and continued longevity. The Accursed Cultists are a nightmarish amalgam of mortal and daemon who act as a Troops choice for Chaos Space Marines.

Shambling Mutants and looming Torments band together to form these horrifying hordes, and can actually reform from lethal injuries, making for an endless avalanche of misshapen flesh, horns, and carnage. We love these grotesque models so much, we’ve prepared a video showing you exactly how to paint them to show off the awesome power of the Dark Gods.

Chaos Space Marines Possessed

SundayPreview Aug21 40kContent Possessed

Of course, everything mortals can do, Heretic Astartes can do better – including inviting daemons into their bodies as corporeal cohabitors. The Possessed boast incredible speed and durability – their malleable forms grant them a 9″ Movement characteristic, Toughness 5, and 3 Wounds, making for some truly shocking shock troops. There are multiple build options in the set, and one can be constructed as a Possessed Champion.

Combat Patrol: Chaos Daemons

SundayPreview Aug21 40kContent Patrol

The daemonic onslaught intensifies, with a Combat Patrol set focused on Khorne. Get the blood flowing with this hefty collection of 34 miniatures, which can be built to reach a Power Level of up to 33 and get you gaming straight away. This Combat Patrol-sized force is led by a fearsome Bloodmaster, ably supported by three Bloodcrushers mounted on Juggernauts, 10 slavering Flesh Hounds, and 20 Bloodletters – making a spectacular basis for a Khornate horde.

Codex: Chaos Daemons

SundayPreview Aug21 40kContent Books

Embrace your inner daemons with this comprehensive set of fiendish rules and infernal lore for using entire armies of otherworldly entities in games of Warhammer 40,000. Each of the four Ruinous Powers has their own collection of datasheets, plus Relics, Stratagems, Warlord Traits, and psychic powers (except for Khorne, of course), as well as Exalted Daemon upgrades and new Warp Storm powers. On top of that, there’s an Army of Renown for the Disciples of Be’lakor, who also get their own Stratagems and psychic discipline. 

This foul tome is available in a regular edition and as a Collectors’ Edition, which comes with a soft-touch cover, a ribbon bookmark, and foil blocking.

Chaos Daemons Dice 

SundayPreview Aug21 40kContent Dice

Infuse your rolls with the power of the warp with these Chaos Daemons dice. There are 20 six-sided dice in a fetching black-and-white swirl pattern, with the eight-pointed star of Chaos on the 6 face. The Chaos Daemons Datacards set has been very slightly delayed, meanwhile – but rest assured that it’s arriving soon.

Classic Chaos Daemons

Bolster your hellish hordes with a series of classic sculpts on Made to Order. These resin and metal figures will work just as well for daemoniacs in the Age of Sigmar as they do in the 41st Millennium. They’ll be on sale from Saturday the 27th of August until 8am BST on Monday the 5th of September.

Horrors of Tzeentch

SundayPreview Aug21 MTODaeContent4

These five horrors come in metal and can be painted blue or pink – and they’re terrifying in either shade. 

Flamers of Tzeentch

SundayPreview Aug21 MTODaeContent1

This set contains three lithe and lurid Flamers of Tzeentch in resin, billowing otherworldly flame.

Beast of Nurgle

SundayPreview Aug21 MTODaeContent5

It’s said that Beasts of Nurgle just want to be your friend – but you wouldn’t want to pal up to this guy in an alleyway at night. It comes in resin.

Karanak, the Hound of Vengeance

SundayPreview Aug21 MTODaeContent2

Khorne’s favourite three-headed Flesh Hound is also available in plastic, but you can’t beat this classic take in resin.

The Masque of Slaanesh

SundayPreview Aug21 MTODaeContent3

Likewise, this resin incarnation of the Masque – cursed by Slaanesh never to stop dancing – has plenty of daemonic charm. Watch out for that…

BloodBowl 600Wide LOGO

It’s the Snotling Team’s turn in the Blood Bowl accessory spotlight next week, with a pitch, some dice, and a set of cards all coming to pre-order.

Snotling Pitch and Dugouts

SundayPreview Aug21 BBContent Boards

When you’re as bad at Blood Bowl as a Snotling team, home-field advantage is especially important. This set contains a high-quality double-sided cardboard pitch for Snotling teams – one ‘orrible muddy bog, and one spore-choked pitch with its own special rules included in the box. Those mushroom clouds can get unpleasant enough to force players off the pitch! You also get a similarly fungal set of dugouts.

Snotling Team Dice Set

SundayPreview Aug21 BBContent Dice

Become the envy of all other tiny, barely-sapient greenskins everywhere with these especially snotty Snotling dice for Blood Bowl, which come in lime-green, yellow, and purple. 

Snotling Team Card Pack

SundayPreview Aug21 BBContent Cards

Speaking of much-needed advantages, you can keep even more of them up your sleeve with this set of cards for Snotling teams. The Snotling Team Card Pack contains 44 cards in total, including positional cards, player cards, and 16 Special Play cards to try and hoodwink your opponent in numerous ways.

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