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Hobby Resolutions July 2022 Update

July has flown by and with it another month of 2022. July was a difficult month for me in regards to hobby time, a combination of difficult work weeks and other commitments left little time for the hobby, so what did I get up to ?

The only hobby resolution I was able to do is marked in pink.

Like I said it was a difficult month for me but I was able to read the Blood of Baal book from the psychic awakening series which was actually very good read and gave me a lot of ideas for some narrative games, with a mixture of both kill team and incursion games. That ticked of the read a campaign / supplement book resolution.

I spent most of what hobby time I had in July building my Palatine Enforcers (Squad BB4L) and their accompanying ridge runner for our Necromunda campaign, sadly because of my schedule I haven’t been able to get a game in yet but I am pumped to get a game at some point. I also managed to get a kill team built in the form of the chaos legionaries, which again I am very excited to get painted, I took a trip to Warhammer World to play some kill team and it has really reinvigorated my passion for kill team and indeed the smaller game systems.

With the new edition of Warcry on the horizon I finally got my Khanite Shadowstalkers built in preparation for the new edition which looks awesome and has again got me excited to play some Warcry.

So going into August what is my plan ?

Well first of I plan on adding some Pink Horrors to my Disciples of Tzeentch army which will be well over 500 points added to that force and I would like to finally get my Beastclaw Raider start collecting box done, those are my aims for August. Looking at the next few months I am going to focus on these hobby resolutions a lot with the only distraction ( fingers crossed ) being a Horus Heresy army in the form of the Iron Warriors…….. and maybe some specialist games stuff.

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