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Munitorum Field Manual 2022: Points Change Review

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As part of the new Chapter Approved: War Zone Nephilim book we have a raft of points changes for Warhammer 40,000 in the form of the Munitorum Field Manual 2022, and for the first time you can also gain access to these points changes for absolutely free via Warhammer Community.

The points are available to download right now, however we were lucky enough to gain access to them early so that we could review some of the biggest changes.

Before we get stuck into the changes, it’s worth nothing that some of the more recent books, such as the Imperial Knights won’t show any changes within this. Also please bear in mind this is not a fully comprehensive look through, I may have missed some changes!

So let us delve into the points changes and pick out one or two highlights from each faction.

Disclaimer: For most of the below I am comparing the new points with the points originally available with Chapter Approved: Nachmund. Where possible I have checked points on other factions who have had new books since using the Codex or the Warhammer 40,000 app.

Space Marines

Instead of going through all of the various Space Marine chapters, I’m going to highlight the most important changes under one heading.

For generic Marine players, I struggled to find many changes at all. Terminators have dropped 5pts. The Eliminator squad no longer has to pay 5pts for Las-Fusils, all three of the Gladiator tank variants have dropped by 15pts and the humble Land Raider has come down 20pts.

The Repulsor also has some hefty decreases too across the variants. The basic Repulsor has dropped 20pts, whilst the Executioner has dropped 35pts. Bargain! Could we see more Space Marine armour in the near future?

Iron Hands players, your one and only character, Iron Father Feirros, has had a significant points cut, dropping from 160pts to 145pts.

Death Company, both first-born and Primaris have dropped 2pts per model, whilst the Baal Predator has dropped 10pts.

The Stormfang and Stormwolf flyers for the Space Wolves have come down by 30pts, clearly to encourage the ground-loving Wolves to take to the skies.

Adepta Sororitas

Celestial Sacresants have dropped by 2pts per model, whilst ladies with jump packs have also been treated to some points discounts, with both the Seraphim and the Zephyrim dropping by 2 per model also.

The Castigator (the Sister’s Battle Tank I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone take even though it looks flipping cool as) has seen a 15pt cut. The Exorcist and Immolator have dropped by 10.

Adeptus Custodes

Here is where I’ve seen the first increase in points, as Trajann Valoris jumps from 160pts to 200pts. Aside from that, I can see no further changes to the Emperor’s Golden Lads.

Officio Assassinorum

They were 100pts each. They are still 100pts each. Move along, nothing to see here.

Astra Militarum

Some changes for the ‘Guard, starting with Yarrick, who has gone up 5pts. The Infantry Squad interesting no longer has upgrade options, and simply just costs 60pts for 10 models. a basic 5pt points increase, but looks like your squad upgrades will come at no cost, probably saving you some points overall.

Aside from that though, some minor 5pt changes, but for the most part nothing has changed.

Adeptus Mechanicus

No changes really here too. Fulgurite Electro-Priests have dropped a point, whilst Serberys Raiders have dropped 2. Nothing to write home about.

Imperial Knights

New Codex, so no changes here. Again, let us move on


Again, no changes.

Chaos Space Marines

These have had a number of changes compared to Chapter Approved: War Zone Nachmund. I don’t feel it’s right to discuss the changes here, as we all know Datasheets will be different in the new book, which these points will be included in.

I will however point out that Abaddon has leaped from 220pts to 300pts though. That is one datasheet I’d like to see from the new book!

I’ve also noticed that Plague Marines and Rubric Marines are no where to be seen…

Death Guard

Plague Marines again, interestingly, only have a points cost per model (which is the same as it current is) only without any costs for upgrades. Blightlord Terminators however still pay for upgrades but have had a points cut of 5pts. I’ll take that! Deathshroud have also dropped by 5.

The Plagueburst Crawler has had a nice discount, dropping by 15pts. The Daemon Primarch, Mortarion, has also had a points change, going from 490pts to 450pts.

Thousand Sons

Magnus did nothing wrong, and has proven it by dropping in points cost by 30pts.

Aside from that, nothing else appears to have changed.

Chaos Daemons

Unless I’m going blind, no changes here.

Chaos Knights

Another faction that has had a (very) new book, so no changes.

Craftworld (Now under Asuryani and Anhrathe)

Again, no changes from the last book that I am aware of.


See above. Dance onto the next one.


Wyches have dropped a point. No other changes that I can see.


The most changes I’ve seen so far, with points drops everywhere ranging from 5 to 50pts.

The Silent King, Immortals, Monolith, Lychguard…even the C’tan have had points slashed.

The Void Dragon, still one of my favourite Warhammer minis, has dropped a massive 50pts. It’ll be easier for you Necron players to just check out the full list of changes!


A number of Orks have dropped by a single point, whilst many have stayed the same. Interestingly the Kill Rig has dropped in points, from 210 to 190.

T’au Empire

With this being a more recent Codex, I didn’t expect to see changes, but they have been doing well…so perhaps it isn’t a shock to see some increases here.

In fact, there is some many increases here it’s worth checking out the full points rundown. Aun’shi (+30), Commanders of all generic flavours (ranging from +5 to +10), Crisis Suits (+10)…are some that I’ve instantly picked up on.


They haven’t been out long, but they too have had points changes. Some up, some down.

The Hive Tyrant for example has gone up by 20, Swarmlord +20pts, Maleceptor up by 50pts.

It feels like a shame that a new book should have such large scale changes, but then we’d all prefer our armies to be balanced for the sake of competitive gaming.

Genestealer Cults

No changes again.

Forge World

Finally, we have updated points costs for all currently supported Forge World models for 40k.

The Spartan, now available in plastic, has dropped 40pts. The Tantalus for the Drukhari has come down by 30pts.

If you have any Forge World models, make sure you check these out.

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