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Hobby Resolutions May 2022 Update

So we are almost half way through the year which is crazy and I am almost half way through my hobby resolutions which is a great feeling, I have spent the majority of May working on a few big models for some upcoming projects while listening to a few very good audiobooks. What I have done I’ve marked in Purple.

So first up I listened to two audiobooks in May, Master of Mankind and Sacrosanct + short stories, I always find that painting is a lot more relaxing with a good audiobook or podcast to listen to in the background. I absolutely loved Master of Mankind as it really gave us a glimpse at what the Emperor left the great crusade to do and a small glimpse into why Horus betrayed the Emperor. After listening to the audiobook I am 100% siding with the Warmaster; I like the rest of the Sprues crew will be picking up some Heresy miniatures so stay tuned for that.

I picked up Sacrosanct + short stories back in 2020 during lockdown when black library were doing deals on certain audiobooks for 99p, the main story was based around some stormcast from the sacrosanct chamber who fight against nighthaunt who are taking villagers as tributes for Nagash, overall it was a great listen to and the other stories were a lot shorter were also really good.

I also wrote my fifth article for the site that wasn’t a preorder post or review which may not sound like much but for me its a big confidence booster as I have wanted to be apart of a podcast for a long time and write about the hobby for even longer.

My painting desk in May was dominated by the lord of destruction KRAGNOS !!!

I bought Kragnos back in December last year as a Christmas present to myself because A: he’s a really nice model that is almost half of four different armies and B: to tone down my giant army as the balance data slate wasn’t out when I bought him (he has since become pretty good), since then he just sat in my cabinet begging to be painted.

After playing against him at the team tournament we went to back in April and having him do 30 mortal wounds to a gargant on the charge I was motivated to get mine painted. He was soo enjoyable to paint as there’s not that much to him, the gold details were very quick as was the orange which I don’t normally paint. The only time consuming part was the skin which I layered Skrag brown over mournfang brown which was washed with reikland fleshshade, if I had done the skrag brown first and washed it would have made the painting time a lot shorter.

With Kragnos done I have added over 500 points to an existing project (Giants in this case) which is a good start to completing my hobby resolution of building up 3 existing projects, I have already started adding stuff to my Tzeentch and Ogres so with a bit of focus I feel that I can get this resolution done easily. The rest of May I was building up some war dog stalkers for my chaos knight army that I plan on taking to the 40k doubles with Matt at the end of June which has taken up a lot of time but WILL be ready for the next update.

I also went to the War in Thondia event at Warhammer World (Throne of skulls), I took my giants which I have been playing for about 8 months now which is a long time to be playing the same army, so going forward i’m going to be playing a different army in AOS. Overall the event was amazing and I ended up coming 4th and just missing out on a podium position which is the best I have ever done at an event.

Looking at the next couple of months, I need to prioritise painting models for events starting with the chaos knights for the doubles in just over 2 weeks and then for the crusade event at Warhammer world at the beginning of September which I feel requires a new army for. Looking at what I have left on my hobby resolutions the only one that has me a bit worried is the paint the Dominion box, I like to leave my hobby resolutions fairly open so I’m not forcing myself to paint things that are not high on my list which I feel I have done with this resolution.

Now to paint some chaos knights……….

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