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Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team: Chalnath Unboxing & Review

Time to unbox and review the latest box for Kill Team, Chalnath! It’s up for preorder right now. Save some pennies and help support the website by purchasing your copy via our affiliate Element Games.

Our thanks to Games Workshop for sending us a copy to review.

It’s time for a brand new Kill Team box, hot on the heels of Kill Team: Octarius, Chalnath pits the T’au against the Adepta Sororitas.

Fancy checking out our unboxing and run through of the book? Check out the video below!

The Contents

So what’s included in this chunky box?

Let’s start with the miniatures.

  • 10 T’au Pathfinders, which is an older sprue, but still stands up today. You also get in here an extra sprue which includes various extra parts to build various specialisms for Kill Team.
  • 10 Adepta Sororitas Novitiates, a brand new unit for the Sisters of Battle. What they lack in armour, they gain in combat ferocity.
  • Sector Imperialis terrain. Enough to build a large building, medium building and 4 smaller buildings. These are fully modular and can be combined with Sector Mechanicus, other Sector Imperialis kits or Zone Mortalis, however the missions in this book do want them to be built as per the included missions.We’ll cover this later.
  • Double-Sided Cardboard Gaming Board
  • Chalnath War Manual
  • Assembly Instructions
  • Transfers, for both factions.

Is This a New Starter Box?

It’s important to note that this is not a starter box. The Chalnath book, which we’ll talk about in detail shortly, does not include the basic rules for Kill Team.

The box also does not include any dice or Kill Team measurement tools.

Chalnath War Manual

I think it’s important to review the book first, as fans of Kill Team, but aren’t fans of the Kill Teams in this box, may decide to purchase this box for this book.

The book is 96 pages, bound by a glossy high quality cover and is, as you’d expect, full of fantastic artwork. A number of these are in black & white, with red spot colours, very Sin City (or in fact Angels of Death, keeping it Warhammer!) and look amazing.

Let’s go through the book and check out it’s contents.

Introduction & Lore

Chalnath introduces a new system of conflicts, War Zone Vedick.

It goes through the various factions that take part in this conflict, and sometimes gives us a hint of what rules and updates we could be getting soon.

  • T’au and the Imperium, specifically the Sisters. Given, as they are in the box!
  • Genestealer Cults. We’ve heard rumours that the Cults are getting a new book and Battlebox very soon. Could this be further proof?
  • Orks. Already got new content in Octarius.
  • Tyranids. Again, got some new content recently, this time in the Octarius supplement.
  • Forces of Chaos. This small paragraph talks a lot about Chaos cults, which is interesting.
  • Drukhari. They did get some extra content with min Charadron, but could we see supplements for other cults within the Drukhari?

This book also goes into detail about the two factions within this box.

It not only breaks down the basic lore of the Sisters of Battle and T’au, but also chats about how they build their Kill Teams and the different sub factions within the armies.

Before we wrap up this segment, for your narrative campaigns, you’ve got tables to roll or pick names for your operatives for both the T’au and Adepta Sororitas, as well as naming your Kill Team, Base of Operations, Background and Squad Quirks.


Time to chat rules!

This book lists the full rules for both your Pathfinders and Novitiates.

You’ve got a list of 3 Tac Ops for each of the warbands to kick things off.

Novitiate Kill Team

This book lists the types of operatives for your Kill Team.

The Sisters have new Critical Hit Rules, Inferno X. It basically gives your ladies the chance to ‘burn’ your opponents, either in the shooting or combat phases for as long as the Inferno has been inflicted.

The major ability they gain however is Faith Points, similar to those seen in the 40K codex. You gain Faith Points at the start of each Turning Point, as well as when your operatives perform certain actions, such as if one of your Novitiate with the Marksmanship specialism incapacitated an enemy.

These points can then be spent on a variety of stuff including to perform rerolls, free critical hits and heal operatives.

You also gain Strategic Ploys specifically for the Sisters (4 to be precise) and Tactical Ploys (3 of them) to spend your CP on.

We then have the datacards for each of the different types of operatives available. It’s always worth checking this book first, and plan out your team.

The rules don’t stop there. We’ve got unique equipment, such as the Icon of Faith, Chaplet Ecclesiaticus and Sainted Reliquae, unique Battle Honours, rare equipment and Strategic Assests.

To wrap up the Sisters content, we’ve got 3 unique Requisitions, again for your Spec Ops campaign. When selecting a Spec Op for your Kill Team you can select from two exclusive Novitiate ones, Purge the Unclean and Reclamation Sweep.

Pathfinder Kill Team

The T’au get the same treatment as the Novitiates, so let’s run through there rules.

The key ability for the Pathfinders is the inclusion of Drones. To keep them balanced within games of Kill Team, this book details how they operate, with two rules headings, Artificial Intelligence and Saviour Protocols (your drones can still be taking hits for your fairly squishy Pathfinders).

Markerlights are here! Costing 1AP, you can light up enemy operatives and depending on how many Markerlight counters they have on them, you gain benefits, much like how they work in the T’au Codex for 40K. The table starts from giving you a reroll of one attack dice, to treating the enemy operative as having the Engage order.

You’ve of course got Strategic and Tactical Ploys exclusive for the T’au, giving you a variety of buffs for your valuable CP.

Datasheets are up next, again listing all the available operatives for your Kill Team. As you’d imagine, they are pretty squishy, but have some excellent ranged wargear. You’ve also got datasheets for your Drones too.

Exclusive equipment is here in the shape of 8 pieces of wargear, such as Fusion Grenades, Orbital Scan and Target Analysis Optics. For those playing out Spec Ops campaigns you’ve got a list of Battle Honours that can be dished out to your operatives.

Wrapping up the T’au, like the Sisters, you’ve got unique rare equipment, Strategic Assests and Requistions. Finally, you can swap out a Spec Op for your Kill Team to be assigned too for one of two unique T’au ones, Mark for Strike or Philosophy of War.

Kill Zone: Chalnath Terrain Rules

At this point we come to our first bit of content which is not exclusive to the Kill teams in this box.

This section has advanced rules for the scenery that is included within Chalnath, namely doors, hatches and specific rules for the Chalnath ruined buildings.

These are pretty basic, and I hope they get published elsewhere for Kill Team players to get there hands on them, as they are currently locked behind a box that to be honest will only be of interest at this point to those who want the minis at this point.

Shadow Operations: Chalnath Mission Pack

As we near the twilight of the book, we have 9 missions that can be played out, not only by the two kill teams in this box, but by any currently available.

These look super fun, and each mission details exactly how your scenery from this box must be laid out. It also clearly states where the objectives are and the mission objectives.

I’m a big fan of narrative right now, and these really scratch that narrative itch and would work brilliantly within a Spec Ops campaign.

To wrap up the book we’ve got stylised dataslates for the T’au and Adepta Sororitas that can be scanned and printed, along with individual datacards for your operatives. Love the aesthetics of these, as they are formatted in each of the factions unique ways through the use of imagery and fonts.


It’s brilliant to see Kill Team getting support so early after it’s release, and it’s setting a precedence of what we may get moving forward, with the odd new units or upgrade sprues.

This box is clearly aimed at those who want one or both of the new Kill Teams. The included missions are a big draw for those not interested in the Sister or T’au, but isn’t enough for the price tag slapped on this box. The terrain rules are pretty straightforward, and really need to be available for anyone who plays Kill Team without this box.

The miniatures are fantastic, in particular the new Novitiates. They are full of character, and will look right at home with the rest of the range should you decide to add them to your 40K army. Whilst the Pathfinders aren’t a new kit, they are still brilliant sculpts and the upgrade sprue only adds to his awesome and high tech these guys can look.

Both Kill Teams have lots of fun, narrative options that fit the flavour of the factions. As we’ve seen with the core book and compendium, Kill Team is more fun when you can really leave into the different specialised operatives.

The scenery is great, as is the board, but don’t be fooled, as previously mentioned this is not a starter box and does not include any quick play rules for playing Kill Team. The scenery can be built however you want it to be, but the missions within this book really wants you to build them as seen on the box art.

If you like Kill Team already, and have an interest in one or both of the Kill Teams in this box, then go nuts. If you haven’t played Kill Team, or have no interest in either warband, perhaps you should be looking for an alternative route into the system.

Our thanks again to GW for providing this box to us.


  1. Pre-ordered this as soon as it went live – it’s really nice to get a sneak peek of what I’ve ordered! Thanks again for the write up 🙂


  2. Hi,
    Out of curiosity would the new chalnath board match, colour wise, with the octarius board?
    The desert side looks similar in shade !

    Thanks in advance.


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