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Dominion Released Today – Battle Reports and Reviews!

Dominion, the Launch Box for the 3rd Edition of Warhammer Age of Sigmar is released today! In order to celebrate Dominion Day we thought we would compile together our Age of Sigmar Dominion content letting you check out our reviews and Battle Reports with the new edition! Not ordered it yet? Well if you want to help support the site (And save some money too!), our affiliate Element Games still have stock ready for dispatch!

Age of Sigmar Dominion Review and Unboxing

The star attraction is Dominion itself, you can check out our full review here or watch or video below!

Path to Glory Battle Reports

One of our favourite things about the new edition is Path to Glory! We have embarked on a campaign featuring the various factions of Age of Sigmar, with a goal of trying to cover things from a fun and narrative point of view rather than the same netlists seen time and again!

Stormcast VS Kruleboyz

The very first battle we did just had to feature the contents of the new Dominion box, above you can watch the Stormcast commanded by Matt take on Dave’s Kruelboyz in our introduction into the Age of Sigmar Match to Glory system!

Ogor Mawtribes VS Lumineth Realm-Lords

The Talons of Thondia campaign proper however kicked off with the Ogor Mawtribes facing the magical supremacy of the Lumineth Realm-Lords!

Kharadron Overlords VS Sylvaneth

And today we saw our latest battle in which the Kharadron Overlords faced the Sylvaneth!

We do live battles every Saturday streamed to both and – tune in from 1pm to watch them live!

The General’s Handbook 2021

We have also done a full review of The General’s Handbook 2021, also up for preorder today!

The Future of Age of Sigmar

With a big Warhammer Age of Sigmar preview show on the way from Warhammer Community later today, I have a feeling that the future for Age of Sigmar is very bright! We’ll be here with every new book, every dice roll and every realm-shattering lore revelation – so stay tuned, this is the Age of Sigmar!

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